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Inflation and shortages

All sorts of excuses are being made, but inflation seems to be hovering around 20 percent. There seem to be all sorts of shortages.

When I was on my lobster trip to South Florida, we ate at Frigates in West Palm Beach. They were out of hogfish and lobster. Seafood restaurants all over the country are reporting shortages and higher prices.

My wife and I went to Longhorn steakhouse on Friday. They were out of strip steaks and lava cake.

Welcome to socialism.

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last 3 weeks my local wally world has more and more empty shelves…been trying to buy extra this and that…i’ve seen on other sites some areas are experiencing pet food shortages so if you own pets, don’t forget about them…

Was in wally-mart – no freaking Shoe Goo. How does a billion dollar company with cloud computing and billions of dollar in sales, not be able to stock Shoe Goo… Shelf life of a couple of years. Everyone I’ve spoken with from Florida to Michigan, says check out times at wally-mart are 20-30 minutes.

Sams’s had Red Crab Legs, 3 medium length (closer to short than long) for 60 bucks. Not even King Crab. Who’s gonna buy that for 60 bucks?

Just spent a week on the Texas coast… ate out 5 nights in 5 places, and had 4 righteous experiences. All menu items in stock, no masks ANYWHERE, reasonable good service to jammin’ huuuge-level tip service. No shortage of seafood here, brothers.

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