Just stumbled upon a new (to me) website. It keeps a running total of shootings in Chicago. The website is no fan of Lightfoot or Chicago.

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I for one, am totally surprised that Mayor Biggus Dickus has never whined about the site.

lol …. I always call her Beetlejuice, but I like that better. Probably listening to her “advisors” telling her not to draw attention to it, and to just hold on for a few more moments, because The Ministry of Truth is coming and then those website owners will all go to the gallows.

I found the site while I was a fan of the no longer running Second City Cop website. Beetlejuice made enough threats against the cops running that site that the people behind it closed it down.
When I worked a contract in Milwaukee a few years back, I visited Sh!tcago on a few occasions, and confirmed how bad the city was, even before Lighthead took over. I can’t imagine what it is like now under her reign of error.

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