Three months ago, the US anti-gun movement was on the ropes. We were looking at National Reciprocity, moving suppressors off the NFA list, and the gun control organizations were all but bankrupt.

Then came February 14th. Almost immediately, there was a nationwide movement of students, demanding gun control. Within days, they had national fundraising, T shirts, hats, and an organized national set of demonstrations, complete with chartered buses, appearances on national television news shows, and access to congressional hearings. All of it supposedly spontaneous and grassroots.

The high school students I teach can barely accomplish getting their homework done, so I find it very hard to believe that they have the contacts, the funds, and the organizational skills to pull off organizing an entire national political movement in only two weeks. There is BIG money involved here. The kids are being used as pawns, and they don’t even realize it.

There is a historical parallel  here, and I have been thinking for days that I have heard a similar story, but I hesitated to mention it until now, simply because the comparison has been so overdone as to make it almost a cliche.

I have been saying for quite awhile that the US is facing a coup attempt by forces that want to topple our government. In order for a revolution to be successful, there needs to be an enemy. Some group of people that can be demonized, dehumanized, and blamed for all of that society’s perceived ills. The gun owners of the US are that group.

My belief is this: The shooting on February 14, 2018 was the US version of Krystalnacht.

On the night of November 9, 1938, violence against Jews broke out across Germany. It appeared to be unplanned, set off by Germans’ anger over the assassination of a German official in Paris at the hands of a Jewish teenager. In fact, German propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels and other Nazis carefully organized the pogroms. In two days, over 250 synagogues were burned, over 7,000 Jewish businesses were trashed and looted, dozens of Jewish people were killed, and Jewish cemeteries, hospitals, schools, and homes were looted while police and fire brigades stood by. 

We have been seeing similar hatred of gun owners for more than 2 years. Antifa beating conservatives in the streets as police watch. A school massacre that happens while the police officer charged with guarding the students standing there and watching the massacre unfold. Then, the spontaneous response of companies persecuting gun owners: Dick’s sporting goods, Youtube, and now Citi bank. Florida passed a law that allows the state to take a gun owner’s property in a secret hearing when cops allege that he is dangerous.

Things are going to get worse. If this movement continues, more businesses will be lined up and waiting to virtue signal, each one coming up with more outrageous restrictions. It wouldn’t surprise me if the NRA was a target of banks -or even government soon, especially if the democrats win a majority in Congress.

Gun owners are the new target that is to be demonized. We are all being cast as a bunch of uneducated, overweight, racist white men who are using guns to keep people of color and women from getting the justice they deserve. We are being silenced, and now attacked by business. The rail cars will come out, as soon as we are disarmed.

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Anonymous · April 14, 2018 at 5:02 am

The rulers of any government can scapegoat any small fraction of the population. Consider the million non-violent drug users in prison, and the millions more injured by prosecution. However, scapegoating only works on a small fraction of population who are consumed by self-loathing, and gun owners are both too large a fraction and too mentally healthy.

The German Jews, Gypsies, and Homosexuals were only successfully scapegoated because they went along with it. They numbered in the millions, and if they declined to obey there was no German army big enough to force them. Compare them with the Quakers and Amish, who are pacifists but historically impractical to enforce bad law on, they vigorously evade it. Consider also the MLK-era Deacons for Defense and Justice, who were black WWII and Korean war veterans. They stalemated the LEO who were rabid KKK with their rifles, that's why the Freedom Riders weren't slaughtered. A small percentage of Deacons drawn from 12% of population of potential scapegoats was a successful Krystalnacht defense against the KKK.

In 2014 the government of Connecticut decided it wanted more gun registration, but there was only 10% compliance despite a felony punishment. There was no crackdown on the 90%, because that militarily couldn't succeed. When a unit of American government bans possession of normal-capacity magazines, it gets ignored under penalty of war. Anything that would lead lots of ordinary people into being scapegoated is also ignored. You notice that "my ex-husband has a banned gun" is not being used as leverage in divorces, and "my neighbor has a banned gun" is not leading to SWAT visits.

The best the commies can do is infect minds with the computer virus of self-loathing. Examples include voluntary human extinction, Gaia worship, white liberal guilt, HotColdWetDry, outlawing boy behavior, don't prepare in your teens for a work occupation, go into hopeless debt in college, and immigration of soldier-age males from barbaric fundamentalist war zones to bomb for Allah. It is not gun owners that are being demonized, it is ordinary successful life, the American dream.

Teenage young adults are kept in government prisons and prevented from starting their adult lives of moving out, building and owning their own dwelling, and learning to earn a living. This is a lesser version of parents who lock their children up in a closet for years so they can't grow and mature by engagement with the normal challenges of life. The American established church, the government schools, teaches this civil religion. During American slavery, the big government line was always 'we'll let the Blacks have their freedom after they demonstrate good decisionmaking', but that's backwards. The maturity comes from experiencing the consequences of bad decisions. Without the hard knocks there is no maturity developed.

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