Two women that are related to you are pulled over by a cop. You pull up behind the scene, and watch as the women you are related to scream for help, because the police officers are sticking fingers in their rectums and vaginas while they are bent over the police car.

That is what happened to Brady Hamilton and Alexandria Randle- they were sexually assaulted on this side of the road during a traffic stop, as relatives in another car watched.

I don’t care what the law says about it being illegal to use force to resist a cop: A person would be justified in shooting both cops here, and if I were on the jury there is no way that I would convict a person who did so.

To the cops that are doing this sort of thing, and to the cops who know about it and aren’t speaking out: Fuck you, I hope one of your victims shoots and kills you in self defense, you statist animal.

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