In Milwaukee this weekend, a violent criminal with multiple arrests draws a stolen firearm on a police officer, who then shoots him dead. As usual, riots follow. 

The rioters then proceed to record video of themselves beating every white motorist who passes through the area, then post the videos to the Internet. They shouted things like “Ima bout to steal this cracker’s car,” and “He white! Beat his shit, bitch!”
THIS is a hate crime. Will Obama’s justice department investigate this? Of course not. 
I remember what happened to Reginald Denny, who was dragged from his truck and beaten unconscious with a brick, a tire iron and a fire extinguisher. He had more than 90 skull fractures.
He went through years of therapy, working on his speech and regaining the ability to drive. He works as a boat mechanic in Lake Havasu, Ariz., and has a permanent disability.
You just might succeed in pulling me from my vehicle, but that act will be preceded by some rioters being turned into speed bumps, and I will be found next to a pile of spent brass and at least a few of my attackers.  I am not going to be pulled from my vehicle and beaten until I am permanently disabled without a fight. 
Let’s review the applicable rules: 
Throwing a Molotov cocktail is arson, which is a forcible felony. 
A Molotov cocktail is also considered to be a destructive device under 790.001.Throwing one is a forcible felony 
Participating in a riot whereby the participants are forcibly and violently attempting to destroy any building is a forcible felony under 870.03.
A person who is occupying a vehicle that is forcibly and unlawfully being entered is presumed to be in reasonable fear for his life under 776.013.  A person who is attacked in his or her dwelling, residence, or vehicle has no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his or her ground and use or threaten to use force, including deadly force.
This means that anyone who attempts to forcibly pull me from my vehicle may be lawfully engaged with lethal force.
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