As is typical of the left, we see an article where a prominent, rich leftist who demands more housing be built for the poor then having a meltdown when that housing is proposed for their neighborhood. That was perfectly illustrated when DeSantis shipped illegals to Martha’s Vineyard. So now it’s an Obama supporting sportsball athlete who demands more housing be built for the poor at public expense, but doesn’t want poor people living near his home.

It’s the lefty who demands that he be allowed to feed homeless bums in the park, but who shies away from allowing a homeless person to stay in his own home, or doesn’t want to set up his soup kitchen in his own gated community.

It’s seen when the left demands that landlords be forced to accept section 8 vouchers, or advocates prohibiting foreclosures, or rent control, or any one of another things that are paid for by someone else.

The government who robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the enthusiastic support of Paul.

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WAR is the Sport · February 2, 2023 at 2:13 pm

Who? Oh, that league that had a groomer clown men in drag shindig at the Milwaukee Bucks stadium.
Sportsball is for children and those who can’t touch their own toes after too many rounds of buffet Blitzkrieg.
Same for the tax exempt classified as entertainment owned by Vegas No Fans Left circus clown act.
They can go kneel and bob in China along with the flea circus NBA.
NIMBY’s always prattle on about how they love Orca Winfrey and diversity while moving way out to a gated community.
Shh…don’t tell them about the equity in housing act which won’t be applied to Steffy Curry.

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