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Not Embarrassing at All

According to MSNBC, Governor Desantis has turned Florida into an international embarrassment. Why? Because the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination has declared that Florida’s HB 1: Combating Public Disorder is a violation of human rights. The claim here is that the new law unduly restricts the right to peaceful assembly following antiracism protests of 2020. It seems that the UN is claiming that the Republicans “cherry-picked isolated incidents of violence in an effort to portray all antiracist protesters as dangerous and to delegitimize their cause.”

What exactly does this law say that makes it so racially discriminatory? The law says that if you are a part of a riot, you are committing a crime. The law makes it a felony to deface or damage property during a riot, commit burglary or loot businesses during a riot, and creates a mandatory six month minimum jail term for attacking a cop during a riot.

The left is claiming that this is illegal because the riots of 2020 were “mostly peaceful.” See, according to the left, if an assembly contains a thousand people but only 250 of them were actively committing violent acts, then it is a mostly peaceful event. That definition doesn’t apply if the protesters are not liberals, though. Just ask them about J6. Hell, according to the left, it’s violence to use the wrong pronouns when talking about someone.

DeSantis responded to the UN report by saying that the people of Florida are the only ones who matter in this discussion. I agree. Let’s take a look at just WHO is on this UN committee.

  • Ms. LI Yanduan from China. Because China has a great record on racial discrimination. Just ask the Uyghurs.
  • Ms. ALI Al-MISNAD Sheikha Abdulla of Qatar, whose rich residents still maintain women in forced labor.
  • Mr. AMIR Noureddin of Algeria, whose secret police make anti government protesters “disappear” for torture, there is no freedom of the press, and women are chattel (Muslim law).
  • There is a Korean representative. Korea still allows people to be refused service if they are not ethnically Korean.
  • The German delegate is an Iranian born Muslim.
  • Turkey, that bastion of human rights, has a delegate.
  • The Ivory Coast sits on it, even though they still use slaves to harvest cocoa.
  • The remaining countries have poor human rights records. Most of them are third world shitholes whose residents wish they lived here in Florida, where our poorest black residents live better than the richest of their own nations.

Half of the 18 nations represented on the board are African. A quarter of them follow Sharia law. So with a membership like that, they have no room lecturing Florida on human rights.

In short, I flat don’t give a flying rat’s ass what the UN has to say about Florida or its laws. I also don’t care what the liberal assholes at NBC have to say about it.

Here is the honest truth: If you don’t live in Florida, your opinion doesn’t matter. If you do live here, you are free to protest- just don’t commit violent acts while doing it. Don’t tear up people’s stuff.

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“If you do live here, you are free to protest- just don’t commit violent acts while doing it. Don’t tear up people’s stuff.”

And if you do, that’s what the exception in the 13th Amendment is for. Slavery is perfectly fine if it is punishment for a crime. I’d peg it at however long it takes your sorry butt to work off the damages, including loss of use. Which based on the work ethic common in BLM/Antifa, is probably a life sentence, even with incentivizing floggings. So be it.

At least they have running potable water in Florida towns.
Maybe Dark Brandon could laser the Jackson pipes while central casting actors posing as Marines stand in red shadows?
Something must be done about Bull Connors (D) draining all the Jackson water with the high pressure hose, oh wait, 1964 is over.
Is Petey Buttplug still on vacation or ripping up the racist roadways?

It’s long past time for Americans to abjure the United Nations and all its works. It’s largely a forum for dictators, anti-Semites, and Islamists. Besides, the building has become an imminent threat to human life. Eject tot occupants, tear down that tottering old monolith, and do something useful with the real estate. (Tomatoes, maybe?)

‘According to MSNBC…’

Stopped caring after that. No offense intended, DM, but I could not care less what they say.

I read them daily. Never pass up a chance to read what your enemy thinks, both about you and about the situation at hand.

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