Only Ones

Cops are the only ones who can kill a police dog and not be charged with some bullshit charge involving attacking a cop. Above the law.

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Ugly way to die.

Car didn’t meet standards, should have been removed from service. That oversight cost the department at least $10k in the value of the K9 aside from the death of the K9. Bum car. I presume the officer was forbidden to keep the K9 with him. Apparently not allowed to leave to check on his partner. Leadership failure.

those k9 vehicles are built with safety’s but most K9 officers disable then because they find them annoying…

Just another officially allowable double standard by the shit tier govt and “justce system” we are getting screwed by. Not that my pointing it out matters; it doesn’t, and that’s the point.

Unless uniform accountability is forced on the ruling class – and their minions – and actual punishment is meted out, the situation will continue to degenerate. That is fully what I expect to happen, as I see nothing to indicate even the smallest signs of a nascent return to civilized, first world societal standards ever returning here.

I’m assuming that by resigning instead of being fired, he can go to another city, another police dept, and apply for a job there with a clean history? “I was never disciplined, never suspended, never fired! Honest.”

I didn’t realize K-9 vehicles had special cooling systems, but still, if I knew there was a 4 hr training class I’d either take the dog in with me or leave the dog at home. Hell, carry a portable crate in the trunk of the car and then bring it inside if you need to put the dog somewhere for a while.

they do and when they reach a certain temp, they kick on…but if the officer bypasses the system or unplugs it, it won’t work…it normally sounds a loud ass annoying alarm also…that’s why they bypass it…

No excuse for leaving a dog in a closed vehicle in FL at any time. That guy should be fired and never allowed to handle dogs again. God forbid that he personally owns animals.

Sounds to me as if the DA knows damned well the dirtbag is guilty but that there is just enough complicating evidence that he might actually have to work for a conviction, so he takes a pass.

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