If you will remember, there was a burglar in my neighborhood during the summer who broke into 4 different cars, one of them a police car. He was armed with a handgun during at least one of the burglaries, because he stole one from one of the cars burglarized. My security cameras got video of the attempted break in of my truck. He was already armed at that point.

The police had him in custody about 3 weeks later. He was charged with half a dozen felonies. Among them was armed burglary, possession of a stolen firearm, grand theft, and a few other charges related to the burglaries.

I just received word that he reached a plea agreement. The details have not yet been released, but it likely will not involve any jail time. This is why crime is as bad as it is. This guy was armed while burglarizing multiple vehicles, including a police car. What do you think he would have done if someone had confronted him? Now he is walking free, and will likely do it again. Maybe next time, he WILL kill someone.

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