The recent shooting in CT has brought them out of the woodwork. The anti-gunners. They smell blood, and they think that this is their moment. As one of my anti-gun friends put it, the shooting in CT is the best thing that could have happened for the gun control movement. They are reveling in the deaths of those children.

I made the statement that gun owners are as responsible for the CT shooting as gays are for what happened at Penn State, and I was informed by a former coworker that no one at Penn State died, and that guns kill people, and if they were illegal, we would save many lives. No matter what I said, the talking points kept coming, and no amount of discussion would allow a point to be conceded. I walked away. There is no changing the mind of the zealot. The ironic part is that this guy has such an anger problem that he was once suspended at work and not allowed to return until he completed an anger management course.

Not all of the people who are currently calling for gun restrictions are beyond reason. I asked one woman who was demanding gun laws:

it was shown that the reporting of violent crime has a causal effect on
copycat murders. Would you support a law that would make it illegal for
the press to report violent crime? If not, why not?

She conceded that it is a bad idea to restrict rights, but then said that 

course not. But I see your point and I’m not saying that taking away
your 2nd amendment right is the solution. You have a right to bear arms
as do I. I just don’t believe that adding additional guns to an already
violent and self-absorbed society is

the solution. I don’t know if anything can be done at this point to
change things. The lack of self-control, misguided anger, obsession with
violence whether in music or film is destroying this country.

 I asked how a gun law would change a nationwide obsession with violence. She did not reply.

For that reason, I have decided to only speak to people who are willing to have an actual discussion, and not simply an argument where they scream about how inanimate objects are evil, how I am a wannabe killer, or any other such nonsense. I will simply accept that those people wish to deprive me of my rights, and remove them from my life. I will no longer be friends with anyone that wants to restrict my rights based upon the actions of another person.

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