Public Nuisance

Ron Desantis has filed a complaint against a Florida tranny bar that was holding drag shows for children. If the complaint is upheld, the bar will be declared a place of public nuisance. That will mean losing their liquor license and also make concealed carry illegal inside of the establishment.

The trannies claim that it is not an adult show, but simply performance art.

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In most of civilized America anyone under age 18 cannot be in an adult entertainment venue. Anyone under 21 cannot be in a Bar or other drinking establishment that is not part of a larger sit down restaurant. These tranny strip joints violate both concepts and they are doing it with grade schoolers, not teenagers. I wish I could tell you how I think these people should be dealt with.

Did you mean legal?
It’s illegal to carry in alcohol establishment, if they lose their license then wouldn’t that make it legal to carry?

The Venn diagram of the intersection between faggots and pedophiles is a circle.

Consider this one stolen, to be dropped in casual conversations on the matter of faggotry. Not only are you a skeptic, you’re an artiste.

“Performance art” is a term that didn’t even exist not that long ago. It was invented to describe actions that were designed to provoke and offend and protect the one doing them under the umbrella of “art” and “artistic freedom.”

It seems that the primary use of the term is to protect perversion.

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