For those that have been following this blog, you know that I bought a home in 2007 for $240,000. In 2009, I realized that I was having my financial life ruined by my possession of a depreciating asset. My home was worth less than half of what I had paid for it. I decided to cut my losses and declare bankruptcy and give the house back to the bank.
The problem is that the bank I borrowed the purchase money from, and had been making payments to, was not the owner of the note and mortgage, even though they had testified in bankruptcy court that they were. Not only that, but they continued to try and collect money from me, even though the debt had been discharged in the bankruptcy. They left notes on my door asking me to call them. I would call,  and they would ask me to pay. They would mail bills to me. Since this isn’t allowed after a bankruptcy, I sued them, and we settled out of court. They paid me a large sum of money to drop the case. 
They tried to foreclose on the house, but could not, because they don’t own the mortgage. The foreclosure was dismissed.
They were one of the banks that the government was investigating for forging legal documents. As a result of that, I was paid another $4,000 in a settlement.
They continued to badger me for money for two more years, so I sued them again two months ago. I won another $14,700 from them. The judge also ordered them to have no contact with me. The day after we went to court, I found a note on my door just after lunch, asking me to call them. The day after that, I got a letter demanding money.
I guess we are going to give them some time to violate the court’s order a some more, and then we will be going back to court.
So far:
I’ve been living in this house for free for four years.
They have paid my property taxes for the last 4 years, even though they are not the mortgage holder, and I did not ask them to pay them.
They have paid me approximately $30,000 in settlements and sanctions.

and yet, they continue to break the law and violate the court’s orders

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sparrowmict · July 3, 2013 at 6:41 pm

I have shared your story ever since I found your blog last year and several people here in Oklahoma have had similar stories. It amazes me the level of corruption and greed

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