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The amount of Spam comments to this site is getting ridiculous. The amount of Ivermectin, Cialis, and Porn advertisements disguised as comments are over the top. There are days when I get dozens of spam comments.

I have already tried putting filters in, and they have largely been successful, but a few legitimate comments are getting caught in the filters like dolphins in a tuna can. This requires that I peruse the filters to authorize those legitimate comments. It’s getting time intensive.

Since I really don’t want to force people to set up accounts in order to comment, I think I will have to implement an IP ban that will hopefully filter some of it out. So at least for now, anyone with an IP of 5.188.210.XXX is being banned from posting comments on this page.

7 replies on “Spam”

I guess this is what is getting through? There were 24 comments that made it through this morning for some porn site. They all had different IP addresses, so they are putting more and more effort into this.

Perhaps if someone tracked down the nuisance posters, removed their limbs and went to the place where all the spam callers work and beat them to death with said limbs the world would be a better place.
Call me, I will drive.

Like Heinlein wanted before voting: make commenters solve a randomly generated quadratic equation.

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