COVID War on the Right

The path to the dark side

Now we get to forced vaccination. The newspapers are publishing letters to the editor calling for punitive steps like the denial of tax credits, student loans, and prohibition on dining out for those who refuse vaccines.

It’s also being reported that employees terminated by their employers for refusing the vaccine will be ineligible for unemployment.

Make no mistake about it- the communists have been looking for a way to get Americans hating those on the right, and now they have found it. They are stirring up hate, and this path always leads to genocide.

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”


If your employer fires you because you won’t get the COVID vaccine, don’t expect to collect unemployment from Marketwatch

Don’t Expect Unemployment If You Refuse COVID-19 Vaccine: from an attorney

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Regarding Yoda quotes?

Remember that Yoda was the one really responsible for the fall of the Republic and the rise of Palpatine.

Not because it was Yoda or even Star Wars. I think the quote is truly insightful

I lived in a country that required vaccinations for different tropical diseases that will effing kill or leave you screwed up for life if you catch them. Even today, under the control of a dictatorial regime, they don’t force anybody to get the shots. They make neighborhood events, days off from work and vaccination days as schools with the parents present or their permission, take time to explain why they should get the shots (shitting blood till you die is always a great convincer) but they don’t shut your life or remove your citizenship because you did not get the jab.

Exactly. This jab is not for OUR benefit; it is for the benefit of our “betters”, to control us through fear.

Unemployment benefits are state administered, so eligibility (or lack of it) will depend on state law and judges – one unnamed expert is a thin Reed to base an article on…

and talking about docking your pay for insurance premiums also…it’s not going to end until we take a stand…

As one attorney I know put it: “You can try that, but good luck finding a judge and a jury that will award you money for refusing a vaccine for the disease that just killed their wife, mother, or grandmother.”

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