So I had a Verizon phone. I had served out my two year contract, and wanted a new phone. The company told me that I was not eligible for a new phone. I pointed out to them that if I wanted a new phone, I was free to take my business elsewhere, since my contract had run out. They told me that I could get a new phone, but I would get a new phone number. That’s what I did.

Well, six months later, I am contacted by a collection agency, and I am told that there was a balance on the old account. Apparently, the customer service guy didn’t shut off the old phone when he opened the new one.

Verizon refuses to remove the resulting collection from my credit report, even though it was their mistake. My credit will bear this negative mark for seven years.

I am sick of companies screwing their customers just because it is legal to do so. That is why I have no problem using the law whenever I can, to screw them right back.

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