What are Isreali SEALS called?

Because this may just be their handiwork.

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Israel has a bunch of different covert groups. It could have been them. But I would have expected them to go after warships, not support vessels.
Given the Iranian Navy’s history of poor maintenance and accidents, it doesn’t have to be enemy action. They have had ships sink before when enemy action and weather were not involved.
Note that limpet mines don’t usually result in fire and explosions… Hmm…

Logistics, logistics, logistics.

During WWII the allies bombed ball bearing plants. This affected everything down stream that needs bearings.

Taking out a supply ship restricts their ships. All of them.

I don’t know anything about scuttling ships, but I’d suspect a drone-delivered thermite device. Does a typical fire generate enough heat to breech a hull with copious water behind it and firefighters on top wicking away heat?

“Our first revolutionary support vessel sank into the ocean. So we built a second one! Which sank into the ocean. Then we build the Kharg! Which burned down, fell over and sank into the ocean.

“But the fourth one? Yes, that will defeat all the Greater and Lesser Satans! From the river to the s… what? The sea is too shallow? And how is that possible, you fool!

“Full of sunken support vessels. Oh.”

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