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Why stop there?

The Biden administration is now teaming with social media dating sites to release health information to others who view your dating profile. HIPAA be damned, if you have received the COVID vaccine, you can get a token added to your social media page that certifies your vaccine status.

Why stop there? Let’s also get:

  • a token for HIV. If you have tested negative for HIV in the past 90 days, you should be able to get a token for that. It could say “Go ahead, you can suck it, its disease free.”
  • or how about tokens for people who are here legally? A sticker that says “My back is dry.”

Perhaps we can make people without the vaccine wear something so that everyone knows that they are not safe. Here is the first design:

Are those offensive? Of course they are, and so is one for the vaccine.

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i don’t want the people who got the shot to know i ain’t ever getting that vaccine…i want the fear to eat what’s left of their tiny fucking insane brain wondering if my maskless self has had the shot…fuck them

If I’ve had the shot, why on earth should I care whether you have or haven’t?

At this point, the shot isn’t about health – it’s about posturing politics, and obedience.

I’ve been waiting for them to make it mandatory at my workplace. Not yet, but they just rolled out the new company guidelines. People with the vaccine can meet in conference rooms, don’t have to wear the mask in most work situations, and can use the common lunchroom. People without the vaccine … can’t.

If you travel (domestic or international), people with the vaccine don’t have to quarantine upon return, they can go straight back to work. If you don’t have the vaccine, you have to quarantine 7 days with a negative Covid test, 14 days with a positive test. And … those quarantine days come out of your vacation time and/or taken without pay.

No answer to my question about any company required travel (we have multiple sites all over the globe). There’s a possibility my job may require me to fly overseas and then the company docks me two weeks pay on return.

Right now they are using the “honor system” as to who has taken the vaccine and who hasn’t, but I’m sure as soon as the govt vaccine passport rolls out the honor system goes away.

They (govt and corp overlords) won’t have to make it “mandatory”. They’ll just keep adding rules, soft penalties, tiered-use systems, etc. and so forth to add burden to the unvaccinated until we give up. That is the way.

Way back when, I was taught to never write for any medication that hadn’t been out at least 5 years…….and that has been my practice for over 20 years. So far, that’s satisfied TPTB…..for how long, who knows??

I have a bunch I had made when the VA tried making the flu vaccine mandatory. Bit yeller star with ‘unvaccinated’ in the center. I’ve been banned from every place I’ve tried selling them. Works for me.

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