Postal Service incompetent

 The lottery offices have been closed in Florida since the COVID lockdown. If you win more than $600, you have to claim your prize by mailing the ticket in. So that is what one woman did when she sent her ticket in by certified mail. Almost predictably, the postal service lost the package containing her ticket. 

Imagine a person overcoming the incredible odds and winning $100 million, only to have the post office lose your ticket. The government is running enough of a scam with the lottery, and then completely mucking that up. 

Government. Is there anything it can’t screw up?


Follow the Money

 According to multiple sources, the supplies that were handed out to Louisville rioters in the wake of the Breanna Taylor grand jury announcement were distributed from the back of a UHaul that was rented by this woman:

Her name is Holly Zoller, and she is associated with the KY Bail Project, which is funded at least in part by George Soros. 

It also turns out that UHaul appears to be aware that its trucks are being used to supply riots

Since Antifa is being declared to be a terrorist organization, it seems to me that this is all ripe for some asset forfeiture. 

That’s not all- Holly Zoller was also prominent in the Charlottesville incident in 2018. The roots of this insurgency run deep. 



 It turns out that the Feds have been tapping the phones of the Portland Antifa crowd. Well, not exactly tapping. They cloned the SIM cards of protesters that they came in contact with, and then were able to intercept calls made to that device. 

Now I know what you are thinking- “Who cares? They are just the pantifa crowd.” Well, you SHOULD care, because the Feds are not constrained to only use this sort of attack on just one group of people. As I posted back in 2017, the people who were plotting to have Trump impeached were careful not to use most means of communication, preferring instead to use 2 meter HAM radio

There are many technical reasons why spying on HAM radio would be a nearly impossible task. Just by using the frequencies and methods permitted to a person with a Technician license, there are thousands of available channels. Toss in the various modes like Digital, SSB, USB, AM, FM, CW, etc., and then consider that the higher frequencies are short range and would require hundreds of listening stations in every state, and it becomes a very difficult proposition to monitor HAM radio.

Another way of communicating to others is the use of a “dictionary code.” Short messages can be encoded rather simply:

1 Eliminate null words that add no real content to the message – words like “the” “and” – the fewer the words in the message, the better. 

2 Use a book that has been agreed upon ahead of time. A dictionary or thesaurus is easiest. No one would think twice about seeing a dictionary on your bookshelf. Then you simply look for each word in the book. Then write down the page number, and the number of the word. 

Let’s say that the word is “habit”- I look and see that the word is found on page 335 and the word is the 16th word listed on that page, the word habit would be replaced with the number 335.16  

3 Do the same for each word in the message. You can add fake words at the beginning and end of the message as red herrings to complicate a potential adversary’s task in decoding the message. Use your imagination. 

4 At this point, the weak link is probably one of the people in the communication, or perhaps traffic analysis. Sometimes the people who are communicating and the frequency of those communications are nearly as informative as the contents of the message themselves. 

5 To hide this, a blog is a great way of putting messages out there. Post often, and simply append a short message to the end of each post. You can even make most of them fake and have it begin with a prearranged “real message” number at the beginning of the post, so your intended recipient knows if they should waste time trying to decode it. Say, any message that has a word on page 327 as the first word is a real one, the rest can be ignored. 

I am sure there are other ways. Use your imagination. Just remember that Big Brother is listening. 


Marines to close Parris Island and San Diego facilities

Recruit Depot Parris Island was required to integrate boot camp at the platoon level by 2024. According the the Corps, that means closing the current recruit training depots in San Diego and Parris Island. More than 100 years of Marine Corps history is coming to an end. 

The gutting of the US military continues. It is only a matter time before the entire US military is a mere paper tiger. 

Silencing the opposition

 In the middle of a 3 week Facebook Ban that began on September 17. It all started when I posted this on September 3:

Kyle Rittenhouse shot a child molester, a domestic abuser, and an armed communist. He is only 17 and has completed half my bucket list.

That earned me a 24 hour ban for violating Facebook’s Community standards. Then they went all the way back to July 31 to find this comment to a friend posting an article about Iran doing practice runs on a mockup of a US aircraft carrier:

I saw that. The Iranians are idiots. Maybe they should remember operation Praying Mantis.

They said that it violated Facebook’s ban on hate speech and added a 7 ban. Then they went back to March 11 and found where I posted a link to a scientific study that claims masturbation increases your immune system. I believe that I made the comment that “This is why teenagers aren’t getting COVID,” or something along those lines. 

They added another 7 days for that one, because it violated the Facebook ban on sexual activity. 

Then they went and added another 7 days for a post that they claim violated community standards back in November, but they won’t tell me which one it was. According to them, the next violation will get me another 30 days. This 3 week ban is the 5th time I have been banned this year. I was banned 3 times last year. 

Before I get any snarky comments about how it is Facebook’s site and they can do as they please: I get what you are saying. It’s just that I think that there are two problems with that statement:

1 The rules are not universally enforced. It seems that FB picks and chooses who catches a ban. I have had actual death threats against me that FB did not find were a problem. 

2 Which means that FB is inserting its political beliefs into its Community standards. That means that FB is not just a platform. Its policies are in fact statements of their own- they are editorializing by what they allow and do not allow. 

In my opinion, this should make FB legally liable for any statements that they allow to be posted on their site. After all, those statements are there because FB approved of them. You either allow all comments, whether you agree with them or not, or own them and all of the legal consequences that go with them. 

In the meantime, my ban continues. 


Failed court, failed state

 Slate says that Trump selecting a new justice before the election means that we are living in a failed state. My response to you is this: If you think that the Supreme court is there to pick sides in political fights and manipulate the Constitution to whatever ends the party in power deems expedient, then we are already in a failed state. 

The Supreme court was never intended to be an elected board of directors for the nation, yet that is what it has become. The states were never intended to be mere subdivisions of the Federal government. The Federal government was supposed to be a subservient arbiter of interstate disputes- a Republic. I would argue that the original idea of our Republic became ill during the Lincoln administration, went into a coma with the passage of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Amendments, was placed on life support during the FDR administration, and died in 1968. Our nation has been a rotting corpse since then. 



 Read this article and tell me that an unarmed man can’t still be deadly force. 

At some point, the victim was struck in the head by a 6 foot tall man with a goatee wearing a light blue T-shirt and light blue jeans, records show…The victim, who was unconscious when police arrived, was taken to a hospital to receive treatment for a head injury. Police said she was severely injured and remains hospitalized.


Some people need to see this

 To those on the Democrat side who are opposed to Trump’s potential SCOTUS pick because she is Catholic, I would point you to Article 6 of the Constitution (I know you need to see this, because you have obviously not read the Constitution):

The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the members of the several state legislatures, and all executive and judicial officers, both of the United States and of the several states, shall be bound by oath or affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.


SCOTUS to become Politburo

 Don Lemon said on CNN that he wants to eliminate the electoral college. That isn’t what my post is about, because we have heard that for the past four years. It was what followed that I wanted to post about:

Cuomo responded by noting a constitutional amendment — which requires two-thirds approval from Congress and three-fourths approval from states — is required to eliminate the Electoral College.

Lemon shot back, “If Democrats, if Joe Biden wins, Democrats can stack the courts and they can do that amendment and they can get it passed.”

So what he is saying is that he wants Congress to change SCOTUS to a larger number of justices, who would then declare the electoral college to be unconstitutional. Since the EC is specifically laid out, as is the process to amend the Constitution, what Lemon is really saying is that he wants SCOTUS to declare the Constitution to be unconstitutional. 

Since it is the Constitution itself that grants the SCOTUS (as well as the rest of the government) its legitimacy and power, the government of the Republic will cease to exist at that point. SCOTUS will effectively be the Politburo. Let’s call this the Ouroboros plan.

What Lemon is saying is that he wants to start the revolution next spring. 



 The pending Grand Jury announcement in the Breona Taylor case from Louisville is expected within days. (Side note: I initially thought the cops had screwed up. I was wrong.) 

Either way, the crowds on both sides of the issue are waving guns around. A convicted felon pointing a gun at a passing car, yet the same people want to take Kyle Rittenhouse to task. 

The next battle will be fought in Louisville. Likely before the end of the month.