Two days ago, I posted about the new tactic of the NYPD, where they would be knocking on people’s doors in order to have a conversation with people who say mean things on the Internet.

Via Miguel, we now see that the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office is taking up that mantle. They are knocking on people’s doors to question them about crimes that they have not committed, based purely upon things that they have said on the Internet about politicians.

It appears like the police have chosen where their loyalties lie, and it isn’t with the citizens they are sworn to defend.

I said then that my answer would be: “Officer, I do not have discussions with police or answer questions unless my attorney is present. Come back with a warrant. Now if you will excuse me, I have better things to do than speak with Donut munching tyrants. If you have so little to do, maybe you should go read over the First Amendment. Now fuck off.”

Remember, don’t talk to the police. Here is an excellent lecture on that subject:

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