Read this article, and I think that you will see that it outlines the position that our government has taken: The Constitution is no longer considered to be the contract by which we the people have outlined our government, its powers, its responsibilities, and its limitations. Now, the US Constitution has become an obstacle that is to be worked around, nothing more.

The entire discussion of DC statehood revolves not around whether or not DC should be a state, but in how they can twist the working of the Constitution to make it legal.

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Anonymous · February 1, 2021 at 3:16 am

Your linked article has a photo of lots of little flags planted on the mall. Is that a memorial to all the dead people who voted for Biden?

> over 700,000 tax-paying residents deserve to have representation in Congress

But how many of those 700,000 are actually net taxpayers, not government employees or welfare recipients?

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