ANTIFA Tampa Area Outcome

If you remember, there was a member of Antifa who was caught bringing explosives to a Tampa area political rally. He was found to be in possession of Antifa materials, pipe bombs, and other materials. He was charged with loitering or prowling, making a destructive device, and two counts of possession of destructive devices. That was January.

He reached a plea deal where he pled no contest to the second degree misdemeanor of loitering, received 6 months probation and had to pay a total of $575 in court costs and fines. All other charges were dropped. Why? Because the ATF ruled that none of these were explosive devices:

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So that means any one of us who aren’t in the privileged groups like them or BLDRMUTKBAWC (Black Lives Don’t Really Matter Unless They’re Killed By A White Cop) can carry the same things and they still wouldn’t be explosives?

We need detailed discussions of what they were, since it’s now legal precedent.

Why hasn’t Antifa been deemed a Domestic Terrorist Group?

What are the FBI/DHS/OGUS Protecting them?

Yet The White Male is a Domestic Terrorist
The Parent at the school board meeting is a Domestic Terrorist.
Espoused Christians are Domestic Terrorists

And soon those that don’t back The Krainladia American Political Distraction..
Will be Domestic Terrorists.

It’s all quite clear.

1. Why is the seditious criminal and Amerikan traitor Joe biden still not in shackles ?

2. Why is it our southern border has been erased and millions of invaders welcomed in, but nary a soul, whether media, citizen or politician GAFF ?

If you know the answer to 1 & 2 above, you’ll have your answer to your ANTIFA question.

Heh, the ATF probably paid his fine and the 6 months probation was only imposed because something had to go in the file.

I had previously image-searched those items and found the grenade-looking things are smoke bombs, but these in particular appear to have been tampered with. The small red tubes look like fractional M-80s, (odd since they are _quieter_ than the smaller black-cats, despite higher powder content).

I’d assume the big sick was also smoke, except it seems to have an unusually thick paper wrapper.

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