Chauvin prediction

The jury will get the Chauvin trial today. I expect that deliberations won’t take long. We should have a verdict by tomorrow night. Here is my hot take:

Chauvin will go to jail. How he gets there, and what he is convicted of, will depend on a few of things.

The jury:

No matter what the evidence says, the jury hasn’t been in a news blackout. We KNOW that there are people who desperately wanted on that jury, and they made it. The jury also knows that eventually, they will be doxxed. For those reasons, I would have made sure that I was not picked for this jury. There is NO WAY I would put myself in this position, if I thought there was the remotest chance that I would be morally compelled to vote “not guilty” because I know what that would mean to my future. The people on that jury are not stupid, and they likely see things the same way. For that reason, I don’t see any verdict other than guilty being possible.

The Democrats:

Never let a crisis go to waste. The Democrats NEED Chauvin to be not guilty, at least of the most serious charges. What’s that, you say? Aren’t the Democrats the ones who WANT Chauvin convicted? No, they aren’t- what the Democrats need is an energized electorate who is angry enough to demand that things change. Mollifying them by tossing Chauvin in jail doesn’t do that. They need perceived ‘injustice’, they need rioting, they need anger. Now that doesn’t happen if Chauvin is convicted on the most serious charges. So mark this one down as “guilty, but of lesser charges” or perhaps even walking away on the state charges, but later tossed in jail on Federal charges like the cops in the Rodney King trials. That will produce rioting and allow more power to be seized on the heels of this ‘crisis’.

In the meantime, stay away from cities and stay away from large groups of black people, at least until things cool down a bit.

Disney more woke?

Having lived in the shadow of the mouse for decades, I can’t tell you just how stunning it is that Disney World is relaxing grooming requirements- called “The Disney Look.” The story behind that is that Walt Disney once took his brother’s children to a carnival. He saw the unkempt workers and decided that he wanted to open a park where a family could take their children to see a wholesome, family oriented carnival. The idea of Disneyland was born, and that look remained unchained for over four decades.

Now all of that is changing. Disney says that they want to be more inclusive. One of the people in comments wasn’t happy and said so. One lefty responded:

“Cast Members” include all employees, not just those who dress up as characters. Those who clean the bathrooms, man the retail shops, the food service workers etc. ALL employees, not just the characters. So this is great, makes more opportunity for more people, If the MAGA crowd cannot stand to even LOOK at people different than they are, I suggest they go somewhere, like an island, where they can all look at each other and not be offended.

This is more projection- I am betting you that if the tattoo looks like this, the person criticizing above wouldn’t be so supportive of inclusion.

Now Sesame Street

So now Sesame Street decides to “develop a groundbreaking racial justice educational framework” by adding black and Spanish muppets to discuss racism. Here is the statement from the company:

All kids need a strong individual and group identity, but racism hurts the healthy development of both. Racism hurts our entire society. Whether you and the children in your care are directly affected by racism or you’re allies of those who are, engaging honestly and directly with little ones is the beginning of building racial literacy (the skills needed to talk thoughtfully about race and to identify and respond to racism). Here are resources to develop children’s understanding, curiosity, resilience, and empathy—and to prepare for the task of building a better world by standing up, standing tall, and standing together.

Here is the video:

This is programming your kids to follow the new “woke” religion that this new dictatorship is based upon. This is pure manipulation. Why couldn’t the show simply stick to teaching letters and numbers, like they have done for decades?

China isn’t a race, dumbass

The media is accusing this cop of being a racist because he said the COVID-19 virus is from China. I have news for you: China isn’t a race. In fact, the people who live in China are from 56 different ethnicities and speak dozens of different languages.

In your rush to show how woke you are, you display your ignorance and prejudice. My theory is that you who are ‘woke’ are really the bigoted assholes, because you assume that anyone who isn’t like you is not as good as you, and thus deserves your protection.

and yes, COVID is a Chinese virus. It originated in China. Condescending Assholes.

White people should pay. For everything.

This landlord was contacted by a tenant who couldn’t pay rent because he had a medical emergency, then contracted COVID. The tenant was proactive, and I like to think that I would try and work with a tenant that was trying to work with me. At one point, the landlord had her own financial problems and was on food stamps.

I was in agreement with the landlord in this case, until she said this:

“I’m a white person, and there’s generational wealth,” she said.

So white people should pay for the bills of other races, simply because they are white. Isn’t that slavery? They claim it is only fair, since blacks make up 20% of renters, but are 35% of evictions. That is a total bullshit stat. It doesn’t matter how many black renters there are, what matters is how many black renters are not paying their rent.

George Floyd doesn’t have jack shit to do with my tenants or whether or not they are paying their rent. I also don’t understand how that makes any of this my problem.

Misdemeanors are races

NBC argues that it shouldn’t be a crime to punch someone in the face, or drive while intoxicated. Because racism an sheeit. They declare that we should decriminalize all non-violent misdemeanors. Just so we are clear, the following are all non-violent misdemeanors under Florida law:

  • Stalking
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Driving under the Influence (DUI)
  • Driving on a Suspended License (DWLS)
  • Prowling
  • Prostitution
  • Petty theft
  • Possession of Marijuana
  • Menacing
  • Forgery
  • Theft of property
  • Vandalism
  • Reckless Driving
  • Harassing Phone Calls
  • Luring or enticing a child under 12 into a vehicle or structure
  • Carrying a concealed weapon without a permit
  • Open carry of a weapon or firearm
  • CCW holder carrying a firearm into a prohibited location
  • Brandishing a weapon or firearm
  • Leaving an unsecured firearm within reach of a minor
  • Discharging a firearm into an occupied dwelling, within a residential area, or over a road
  • Use of a firearm while intoxicated
  • Throwing a bomb or other destructive device
  • Furnishing weapons to minors

This will actually result in more felony convictions, because many of these misdemeanors are used in plea deals to allow criminals charged with felonies to plead guilty to misdemeanors. If those are off the table, then the felony is the only option remaining.

Weaponizing race

Accusations of racism are the most effective weapon of the left. Take this couple for example: A couple of tourists from New Jersey who came to Orlando during the CPAC weekend. They are TSA agents, by the way. They are no different from the rest of the liberal northerners who have decided to hide out from the Liberal Democrat initiated COVID lockdowns of their home states.

They decided to dine at Maggiano’s at Pointe Orlando, which is located in the tourist corridor of Orlando’s southwest side on International Drive- just a block away from the Orange County Convention Center. For the record, this is a picture of the dining room of Maggiano’s:

The couple, who is biracial, were seated in the restaurant by the host. They noticed that all of the diners in their part of the restaurant were black, while the diners in the front half of the dining room were white. Now this place is one large dining room.

Even though the host who seated them was also black, they accused the restaurant of segregating diners. The owners of the establishment explained that the reason that so many black people were seated near them was because a large black family had come in to dine, and the 36 people had requested that they sit near each other. They even gave the couple a gift card for $200 as an apology.

That isn’t good enough for them, with the couple continuing with their accusations. I suspect that the REAL reason for the accusation was also mentioned by the couple:

Don’t you see? This is the south, and we down here are all Trump supporting racist rednecks. Fuck you. Go back to New Jersey.

Here is her post in its entirety:

Trigger Warning ⚠️ Please take the time to scroll and read this. Last night, my husband and I went to dinner for his birthday at @maggianoslittleitaly in Orlando, Florida. Unbeknownst to us, there had been a Trump rally in the area, where he gave his speech, just a few hours before. While driving to the restaurant we came upon multiple rally attendees who were in the streets with their #Trump2024 signs and CONFEDERATE flags. We were both amused and worried. (Not saying what happened next was BECAUSE of Trump, just telling the story exactly how it unfolded). We continued on to the restaurant where we had reservations. We were greeted by a black male host when we got there, who was ready to seat us right away. Then another hostess showed up, white female, who whispered to the male “well they’re gonna have to go to table 113”. He responded saying, “oh..ok”. Then proceeded to take us to our table……all the way in the back of the restaurant. We got to the table and i immediately noticed a stark contrast from the patrons in the front of the restaurant, versus where we were being seated. Guys….I shit you not…this restaurant was segregated!!!!!!!!! In 2021!!!!!! Our minds were BLOWN!!!!!! While we wanted to leave because we couldn’t believe what we were witnessing and being subjected to, our hunger from traveling all day without a single meal outweighed our shock of the moment. Needless to say, we sat there watched ppl come and go, and yeah…..they continued to seat black and brown folk in the back by the door. We made sure to document as much as we could because we didn’t even think anyone would believe us. But guys….this ACTUALLY happened!!!! If you’ve stayed and read this post in it’s entirety, please share this story. •

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