Twitter Still Doing It

Thanks to commenter GuardDuck, I took the following phrase and used it to respond to quite a few lefties on Twitter:

Our current voting process is based on trust. We trust that the process is open, honest, and fair. If people question that process, the victor must open the process to review so that the public can see it was fair. Not doing so violates that trust and is evidence of fraud.

On one occasion, that Tweet generated hundreds of likes.

It has since disappeared from Twitter. I cannot find it anywhere in my feed or history. I don’t care what Musk claims, his bullshit lefties are still censoring people.

Antifa Photo Intel

Just in case you were wondering what Antifa is up to- here is a picture of them in Denton, TX, where the Antifa insurgents were providing armed protection for a drag show performance aimed at children. Note that the police and Antifa were working together at this event. At this point, residents of Denton, TX can assume that local LE are allied with Antifa. For this reason, Denton (a suburb on the NW side of Dallas) is now added to Zone 2.

The guy on the right is carrying an AR made from an 80 percent lower. His kit is rather sparse. No TQ, no FA kit, nothing but weapon, some ammo, and a radio. In fact, both of them look light on ammo. Less than 100 rounds tells me that they are there more for photo ops on social media and intimidation than they are for fighting, but then again, no one has really offered any fight, so I guess that doesn’t matter. I would also take careful notice that the guy on the right is wearing a body camera. So is the one behind him (mostly hidden by the Fag Flag) you can see the camera between the rainbow flag and the red one.

Looks like both have plates, but they don’t have helmets or pelvic coverage. I bet 62 grains moving at a couple of thousand feet per second through their pelvis would make them combat ineffective.

The idiot dressed like a cat is in the way of me getting a good look at the guy on the left, so we need to take a look at a different photo to see his kit a bit better.

Taking a look at his AR, it looks like an 80 percent lower as well. That bag marked as a FA kit doesn’t look large enough to be serious.

The third guy I want to take a look at may or may not be a skinny chick (on the left).

A couple of interesting things here. The boots are well worn. The only ammo carried is the mag that is loaded into the mag well of the (again) 80 percent AR. One odd thing is that the gas block has a plastic thread on it that looks like it secured the price tag to it at one point.

Another interesting thing about the ARs- they are all 80 percent lowers, but the similarity in parts ends there. That would seem to indicate that each of them made their own weapon. The thing is, every one of the ARs in these photos look like they are brand new. Not single flaw in the bluing. No wear, no scratches. Not anywhere. It’s like they have never been fired or even handled all that often. I am wondering if they have even been zeroed.

Anyway, if you see anything interesting in these photos, let me know in comments.

It’s Almost Too Easy To Predict

A week ago, I pointed out that it would be easy to harvest ballots from dementia patients who are in a residential nursing facility. A person could use their personal information to obtain mail in ballots before voting for them, and there you go- 200 votes for the candidate of your choice. It turns out that this is exactly what happened in Pennsylvania, and Democrat voting boards voted to allow it.

That’s right- one person is allowed to receive 100 ballots at a time.

Never mind that this is contrary to the law in PA. That’s what they are doing.

Say Goodbye to Your Job & Your Country

According to Schumer, Americans aren’t reproducing fast enough to give us enough workers, so we need to grant full amnesty to all illegal immigrants.

By 2024, there will be 30 million more voters. They will vote for Democrats. How do I know this? Because of illegals voted for Republicans, you would be able to see the wall from space, and Schumer would have been the one to have it built.

I have said it before, and it bears repeating- The US has already had its last free and fair election. The US will no longer exist by 2030. We will be in a single party dictatorship by that point. It’s over. Call me black pilled, but I just can’t see any way forward at this point.

I’m Not the Only One

There are some great articles from this weekend that explain what happened to recent elections.

There is the Conservative Treehouse, explaining how ballot submission assistance is being used to rig elections.

Sara Hoyt has a great post up, explaining that yes, there WAS fraud in this past election. A quote:

Unless you can say with a straight face the following sentences: “Joe Biden had the most votes of any president ever elected, and the smallest loss of any midterm first term president ever. I guess he’s the most popular and charismatic president in America and all this time it was Barrack Obama holding him down” it was fraud.

Cheating takes money. John over at Wilder, Wealthy, and Wise details how it was financed. Hint: The war in Ukraine was actually a money laundering operation. I will leave you with a summary photo from the same blog.

This Smells

Nevada. It’s election night. Laxalt, the Republican candidate, is ahead in the count and it seems that the Republicans are on the way to winning control of the Senate. Check out this timeline from Wednesday, November 9:

  • The poll workers who are counting ballots and election observers go home for the night at 2230.
  • At 2324, all security cameras in the facility fail.
  • At 0753 on 10NOV, the security cameras are restored. 8 hours of no video, no observers, a completely unguarded and unobserved room containing up to 70,000 uncounted ballots with minimal security.
  • The election officials claim that no one entered the ballot counting rooms in the interim.
  • But no proof of fraud, right?

Then the Democrat wins. In every state with mail in voting where ballot counting is delayed, the Democrats pull out amazing wins that defy history, polling, and statistical analysis. There are anomalies like missing camera footage, ballots being delivered in the middle of the night, election observers denied access. People notice and comment on this.

Then the Democrats demand concrete evidence, knowing that it will never be found because they made sure there were no witnesses. They threw out observers, the disabled cameras, the “trust me” attitude of people who, just last week were wishing for our deaths and demanding we be fired because we didn’t want to wear a mask or take a vaccine. Then they called out two divisions of armed troops in the Capitol to prevent protests.

The movie 2000 Mules laid out evidence- there was video of people stuffing ballot boxes. The statistical anomalies. Tons of evidence. All dismissed out of hand. So to those who think that the election was on the up and up, what evidence would you be willing to accept that the election was a fraud? Keeping in mind that a rumor of Russian collusion was enough for many of you in 2016, how much evidence do you need now? What standard will you set?

I am betting that no amount of evidence, video, statistical improbabilities, or other evidence will suffice.


Now that the assholes who were the censors over at Twitter have been fired, the platform is now fun again. I am involved in a discussion of voter fraud on the platform, and have attracted the attention of a few lefties who are frankly pissed off that I think the 2020 election, and by extension, the 2022 election, were rigged. They asked how it was possibly rigged. I responded with:

The same way it worked in Broward county Florida before it was fixed: the Dems keep “finding” boxes of Democrat ballots over several days until their guy wins.

So, they ask. How did Florida count votes so quickly this time? My answer:

Because Florida counts votes with machine. You scan your ballot in, and it gets recorded right there. In AZ case, they WANT it to take longer, so they have time to “find” more ballots in order to get their desired outcome.

One of them is claiming to be a lawyer with 28 years of experience is demanding that I provide evidence of this. When I did, he dismissed it all as “rantings of right wing click bait sites.” When I pointed out that a summary of my grievances was found at here at Larry Correia’s site, he dismissed it out of hand by saying that “some rando on the Internet calling himself a monster hunter isn’t reliable.” Then began with the statements about “Not one legal case has been brought that proves fraud.” Then began quoting cases that didn’t say what he claimed that they did. So I pointed out that Twitter isn’t a court of law, and I don’t need to build a legal case in order to have an opinion.

That was when a list of other lefties came in and began telling me things like this:

That’s no excuse for paranoid, delusional ranting on your part. Spreading election misinformation is against the rules here, by the way.

Then it progressed to this:

I have reported this guy to Twitter. With the way things are going, they probably won’t do anything.

Twitter still hasn’t done anything. Even if they do, it isn’t hard to set up a gmail account and use it to get a new Twitter account. You can’t silence us. The people who believe one way or the other won’t be swayed, but people on the fence can see these oddities for themselves. So I taunt them when I can.