Three Times is Enemy Action

As I reported earlier, there is now a shortage in the ammunition market. The old saying goes: Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action. This shortage is therefore looking like it’s being caused by government fiat. In the past month:

We know that Biden said more than a year ago that he wants to cut off ammunition sales to the public. He tried last year to cut off the funding to the plant, but was stopped by Congress. So, it appears that he is trying a new tactic.

Mr Guns and Gear has some information on this:

This is not the end. Expect things to accelerate. I think that 2024 is going to be a rough ride.

Reichstag Insurrection?

More than 1,000 people have been arrested and charged for supposedly trying to overthrow the government on January 6. The FBI has left no stone unturned in identifying every single person who participated that day.

What is curious about this wide ranging investigation is that five men gathered on the National Mall directly in front of the Capitol and erected a gallows, with one of them making a coffee run during its construction to a coffee house blocks away, located directly across the street from the headquarters of the FBI. I am sure that the HQ of the FBI has security cameras on it, yet not one photo of any of these men has been circulated, and not one attempt has been made to identify any of them.

Why not? If the FBI is so fired up about identifying a grandmother whose only crime was walking into the Capitol, looking around, then leaving, why aren’t they making an effort to locate the five men who threatened to kill members of Congress with their material act?

My theory is that the FBI isn’t looking for them because the FBI already knows who they are. They haven’t been prosecuted because they are FBI agents or informants. Read the article at this link, watch the video you will find there, and tell me what YOU think…

AI Knows the Truth

The left has their panties in a bunch because Amazon’s AI system has been telling people that the 2020 election was rigged. They have since overrode the AI and instructed it to no longer believe this. It isn’t as though the fine people at Time magazine didn’t already admit that this is exactly what happened.

They claim that they are trying to keep the AI from making false claims. What they are really doing is trying to stop even computer systems from realizing and distributing fraud. .

The Camps are Coming: Time Grows Short

HRC says that Trump supporters should be put into “reeducation camps.” She is citing the Republicans who are going along with Democrat talking points as being pragmatic enough to make this happen. Watch this segment. It’s worth a few minutes of your time, trust me. If you aren’t terrified and angered by this, you aren’t paying attention.

MAGA extremists, according to her, are taking their marching orders from Trump, and are the tail wagging the Republican dog. According to her, Trump supporters have been psychologically and emotionally manipulated and need to be reprogrammed in order to be brought back to their senses. It’s a cult, according to her, and Trump being defeated will permit Republicans to get back to fighting about issues among themselves. She goes on to say that a formal deprogramming of these extremists needs to happen.

She says that Democrats need to empower the “right people” within the Republican party. Make not mistake, what she is talking about is the complete takeover of the government by ensuring that both parties are singing the same note. This means that they are going to put Trump into prison or kill him before eliminating anyone in the Republican party who doesn’t vote in the approved manner. Then, they are coming for the individuals who disagree with the uniparty line.

The fact that mainline Democrats are talking like this is quite frightening. That they are willing to come right out and say what they are going to do is an indication that they are certain of a win, and they don’t care who knows it. When a person says that they are willing to put Americans into concentration camps, they need to be believed.

Nothing will make me angrier and more likely to use violence in opposition than people knocking on doors and hauling their political opponents off to reeducation camps. You want to see the violence begin? Do it.

People have called me a paranoid asshole for over 30 years because I have taken the position that gun ownership means being able to resist government tyranny. Now the left is coming right out and telling you their plan to haul you off for reeducation. Do you still think I am paranoid?

If you still don’t believe it, why not? They have been doing it to the J6 defendants for years.

To the police and others who would be the ones enforcing this: Are you willing to die to take us to the camps? Because I am willing to die to stay out of them, and I will take as many of you with me as I can. I hope to make it as expensive as possible.

To everyone: Please take this as one of the final warnings. Trump is delaying them for now. All of their attention is focused on defeating him. Once he is out of the way, it won’t be long before they start working down the list. My theory is that Trump will be defeated in one fashion or another, and then there will be an enabling incident that will occur organically, or will be staged. That will be all of the excuse that they need.

They have been making their lists for years. Here is a story about their Florida efforts.

Rush your preparations to completion.

  • Make sure that you have guns, body armor, magazines, and ammunition.
  • Cache some of them off site. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.
  • Know who the people in your area are. Know where the liberals live. Try to figure out who the informers are.
  • Know how to escape your home neighborhood and your job on foot. Have a BOB in your vehicle. They may come for you while you aren’t home.
  • Practice an escape and evasion plan.

Do it. Your life will probably depend on it. If they DO come for you, don’t go quietly in the hope that they will let you go or kill you last. The Soviets have a road built by the residents of the Gulags- there are a million people’s bones in the pavement of that road.

Here Comes Another One

The ATF has sent a notice to gun dealers in the vicinity of the Mexican border.

Law enforcement is advising Federal Firearms Licensees of expanding interest of criminal networks’ intention to utilize straw purchasers in acquiring large caliber firearms such as .50 caliber and/or belt fed rifles within the next 60 days. This activity is anticipated to occur throughout the entire State of Texas. Please contact your local ATF office if any suspicious, attempted or finalized purchases occur.

So what do you think will be the next rule change to come out of this?

Steal the Vote, 2024 edition

Pennsylvania will now automatically register Pennsylvanians to vote when they obtain or renew identification cards and driver licenses. Twenty-three mostly Democrat run states and Washington, DC have enacted some form of automatic voter registration. That won’t ever be abused or used to affect an election. Biden had this to say:

To be fair, it was his PR team that said that. What Biden actually said was along the lines of:

And the question is whether or not we should be in a position where you are — why can’t the experts say we know that this is, in fact — is going to be — or, excuse me — we know why all the voters are temporarily approved, but my son Beau. That’s underway, too. I expect that to occur quickly as I used to work at the DMV in a black neighborhood. Don’t see that coming, did you, Jack?

I’m Not Buying This

Yesterday, Ray Epps was charged with disorderly conduct for entering a restricted area on the Capitol grounds on Jan. 6. He wasn’t arrested, nor did he see his house raided by a score of agents armed like a Marine heavy weapons platoon. Instead, they filed the charges in “anticipation of entry of a guilty plea.”

Less than 24 hours later, Epps pled guilty to the charge. The MSM is saying:

Michael Teter, an attorney representing Epps in the defamation case, said Epps’ plea agreement is “powerful evidence of the absurdity of Fox News’ and Tucker Carlson’s lies that sought to turn Ray into a scapegoat for January 6.”

This is Kabuki theater. They are charging Epps with a bullshit misdemeanor, for which he will not see a single day in jail. This is being done so they can discredit the critics of all of the J6 investigations. This story doesn’t change my mind, it actually makes me even more convinced that he is working with the Feds.

So What Are You Doing About It?

Republicans are complaining that nursing schools are teaching nursing students to ask children about their gender orientation. The thing about that is, it’s their own fault. The reason why so many hospitals and other health care institutions are doing this is because…

It’s the law.

Section 1557 of Obamacare prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, and sex characteristics). So to the Republicans- if you don’t like it, what are you doing about it?

The Democrats see something that they don’t like, and they fight to change it. The Republicans see something that they don’t like, and they… do nothing but bitch and complain.

It took a maverick like Donald Trump to fix the number one target of Republican ire- abortion, and they hate him for it. The Republicans need to stop being useless power mongering whores and actually do the job they were elected to do.


Remember when antigunners were posting the names and addresses of people who had concealed weapons permits, because people have a “right to know?” Now that the same thing is being done in the case of Trump’s grand jury, or the names and addresses of people who are turning in their guns for free sneakers, it’s all of a sudden wrong to “dox” people.

You have been doing this to gun owners and others with whom you disagree for decades. So- right back at ya.

The jury and grand jury system rely on the jurors being held to the community standards, and the way that is done is by publicly shaming people who don’t adhere to those standards. We have a right to know. That’s YOUR standard, and now you are going to live by it.