14th Amendment Lawsuit

A group of five constituents of Marjorie Taylor Greene filed a lawsuit aimed at disqualifying the Georgia Republican from running for re-election over her role at the U.S. Capitol last January. The lawsuit argues that Greene is ineligible to run for federal office under a provision of the 14th Amendment that was ratified after the Civil War. They argue that J6 was an insurrection that bars anyone involved from holding office again.

A Federal judge that was appointed to the bench by Obama is allowing the lawsuit to move forward. If the lawsuit is successful, you can expect it to be used against DJT. To me, this entire thing is a violation of Greene’s Constitutional rights because Greene hasn’t been convicted of taking part in any insurrection, and this lawsuit is then violating her right to due process.

Interesting Position

The sudden interest in the ineptitude of the current resident of the Whitehouse by the US press seems to indicate that they are ready to discard him. American thinker has an interesting take on Obama trying to make a comeback.

My initial thought on Obama getting a third term was “the 22nd Amendment says that a person can’t be President more than twice.” Except that, as the article points out, that isn’t what it says.

Twenty-Second Amendment

Twenty-Second Amendment Annotated

Section 1

No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once. But this Article shall not apply to any person holding the office of President when this Article was proposed by the Congress, and shall not prevent any person who may be holding the office of President, or acting as President, during the term within which this Article becomes operative from holding the office of President or acting as President during the remainder of such term.

22nd Amendment, emphasis added

If Obama is appointed to be the VP to replace Kamala, then Biden is also removed from office, Obama could serve out the remainder of the current term.

How would they remove Harris? What if she were assassinated by a Trump supporting, AR wielding bitter clinger?

Judges Aren’t Partisan

A judge in California ruled that President Donald Trump likely broke the law when he “corruptly” attempted to obstruct the confirmation of President Joe Biden’s Electoral College win by Congress on Jan. 6, 2021.

Now this judge, nominated by Democrat Sex Addict Bill Clinton in 1998 made his ruling by strictly following the law, facts, and Constitution, and not because he is a partisan hack who is located in one of the most liberal circuits in the most liberal district of the US court system.

Nevermind that this is the same judge who issued a 110 page ruling that required LA to provide housing for all homeless people on skid row, a ruling that was later overturned by the Ninth Circuit as being too liberal of a ruling.

This is also the same judge that dismissed the lawsuits against Obama’s presidential campaign when voters demanded that he provide proof that he was eligible to run for office, claiming that voters do not have standing to demand proof of eligibility for office.

Nope. The judiciary is completely above things like politics, even though this judge has carried Democrat water for decades.

Kids Launching DDoS Attacks

Children as young as 9 years old who are trying to win video games are launching attacks against computer networks. In an attempt to get any edge that they can against opponents in online games, they use mods and other computer software to attack the networks of their opponents, slowing that opponent’s network connection to a crawl. This gives them an edge and enables them to win the game.

Research has suggested that many young students do not consider it “wrong” to disrupt other players’ gaming experience because it is considered just “another way to win,” their peers are doing it too, and they certainly do not believe that they are likely to get into any trouble with the law.

While in the immediate, it is disturbing that children are slowing Internet service, the most troubling thing about this is the attitude. The “I need to achieve at all costs” attitude lowers the bar for what children consider cheating and unethical behavior. This attitude that it is OK to attack an opponent’s network to beat him at a game is the equivalent of hiding your opponent’s baseball bat in order to prevent him from getting on base. The children view it as “using your resources” to win the game.

It’s cheating.

This is an indication that children are viewing unethical behavior as something that is acceptable, as long as it helps you win. This is carrying over into other facets of their lives. They cheat on homework. They cheat on tests. When teachers call them on it, they claim that they were just using the resources available to them. Too often, their parents support this attitude.

So these children eventually grow into adults, and those adults have the same set of morals and opinions that they learned as children: a winner take all attitude where the ends always justify the means.

Now apply this attitude to politics. It becomes OK to stuff ballot boxes. It becomes OK to game mail in balloting. All that matters is winning, and gaming an election becomes a mere exercise in “using your resources” to win the game. At any cost.

We learn our sense of fair play, morality, and how to interact with others from playing games with other children when we ourselves are children. If we are allowing our children to think it is acceptable to damage computer networks to win at a video game, what will they think is acceptable when they want to win an election?

Lawfare in Elections

The election manipulation act, or whatever they were calling it, failed to pass. That won’t deter the Communist revolution. Instead, they are going to use the Republican outrage against the 2020 farce as an excuse to eliminate as many Republicans from the field as possible.

One way or the other, they are going to rig the next election. Soros owns the attorneys general in those states, and he is going to weaponize them.


The Democrats are claiming that the mere impeachment without conviction of President Trump is evidence enough of insurrection to trigger the 14th Amendment and prohibit him from holding office.

The first problem with this theory is that an impeachment isn’t a conviction, but merely an accusation. This would hand the lower house of Congress the power to deny anyone to run for any Federal office, merely by voting to impeach them.

Even if this theory were true, how will they enforce it? I remember that there were allegations that Obama didn’t meet the Constitutional requirements for the Presidency, but the courts ruled time and again that no one had legal standing to challenge his candidacy or presidency.

More Sellouts

The Republican party is in the middle of a giant sellout. First it was one. Now there is a rush to be part of the group that fellates the Democrat party. Maybe if you suck up to the left, they will keep you around.

We KNOW the election was rigged. The left knows it too. Time magazine even bragged about it while daring America do do anything about it.

What is worrying to me is that politicians are good at one thing: knowing how to suck up to power so they can retain the power they have, and perhaps even gain more. The right rushing to sell out their voters KNOWING that the Biden administration is as unpopular as their 33% approval ratings show is a pretty good indication that the Republican party knows where the power is, and it is no longer located at the ballot box.

The list of those who are selling out is getting longer: Mitch McConnell, Kevin Cramer, John Thune, and a few others. They are abandoning their base to follow those who they believe will allow them to remain in office. A president with a 33 percent approval rating normally doesn’t have much clout on Capitol Hill. This one does, because his party owns the ballot box, and they all know it.

So many people claim that “we can just vote them all out at the next election.” As if there is going to be a next election.