Not voting out of this

I posted earlier that the Democrats are pushing to eliminate the caucus in favor of a more easily rigged primary. They aren’t stopping there. Today, President Biden signed an executive order, ordering the FedGov to make it easier for more people to register and to vote. Sounds very fair and reasonable, right?

Except it is intended to assist prisoners and criminals in voting.

How many of you still think we are “going to get them in 2024?”

Democrat forever voting act

Congress will start early. They have introduced HR1, a 791 page act that will allow anyone to vote, same day voter registration, registration over the Internet, no ID requirement, and vote by mail without signature or any other verification of identity in order to vote.

Like I have been saying: If you think that the Communists will EVER lose another election, you are fooling yourself. Sure, a few token “tame” Republicans (Murkowski, Romney, etc.) will win an election here and there, so the Dems can claim “bipartisan support,” but the game is over.