One life != another

A South Florida real estate agent was abducted, forced to drive to two ATMs, withdrawing $500 from each, then shot and murdered. He did everything the robber asked, and was murdered anyway. The anti-gun crowd tells us to “just do what they want” and you will be fine. What if what they want is to kill you?

What makes this case so unusual is that the murderer/robber was arrested for armed robbery three years ago at the age of 12. That’s correct- the killer was 15 years old, and at the time of the killing already had a long rap sheet for armed robbery, battery on a LEO, burglaries, resisting arrest with violence, and other crimes.

This shooting is simply verification of my post of several days ago: Black males make up about 6% of the US population, but commit 45% of the homicides.

I know the left feels like one life is equal to another, but I disagree. I know which of the two I would rather see walking around, and it isn’t this douchebag. Carry a gun. Practice. Be ready and willing to defend your own life.

It’s a fact

Demetrius Cox Jr was shot and killed a day after his 21st birthday, only a few hours after his mother bailed him out of the Osceola County jail, where he had been held since April on murder charges. At 21 years old, he was still a high school student at an Orange County private school that is located in Pine Hills, one of the most dangerous zip codes in the USA. He has been involved in at least three different gang-related shootings, including one that resulted in the death of a small child.

The family is blaming- you guessed it- gun owners for his death.

“This family said it wants gun violence to stop. “Stop the violence and find something else to do. It ain’t worth it. We’re all losing kids out here,” Burton said. “The gun violence is horrific since COVID,” Laster said. “It’s through the roof. Somebody needs to do something about this.”

Even people in the comments blaming guns while ignoring the truth:

Blacks make up 13% of the US population, but commit 45% of the homicides.

The facts are obvious to anyone who chooses to look at them without bias:

  • Black males are the victim of homicide 10 to 20 times more often than any other demographic
  • Black males commit homicides 15 to 35 times more often than any other demographic
  • Black males commit armed robbery 10 to 15 times more often whites
  • Most crime is committed by perpetrators who are the same race as their victims
  • More than 90% of homicides where the victim is black, so is their killer

It would be easy to take a racist slant, but I don’t think that blacks are inherently more violent or prone to crime. Studies show that black children raised by non-black parents more closely model their non-white peers. Instead, I believe that the root cause lies in the disintegration of the black family. In black communities, we now have more than two out of every three black children growing up in single parent households. Compare that to white children, where three out of four grow up having two parents in the family. In 1960, that was where black families were: 22% of black children were in single parent homes.

In other words, children growing up raising themselves are growing up without the guidance and direction that having a parent around provides. Children model the behavior of their role models. This is how we learn to comply with societal norms. When they are young, those role models are their parents. As they approach the teenage years, those role models become their peers. When there are no parents around, the young children model the behavior of the only others that they see: older kids.

So the black community has as its role model the leaders of street gangs. Criminals. This has been the case for nearly four generations. Solve the increasing problems of dads leaving as soon as a woman gets pregnant, and you solve the problems of our society. Of course this will never happen, because the people who could solve it are instead selling away the American nuclear family in exchange for votes. As long as we continue to subsidize single mothers, we will get more of them, which in turn will erode our society even further.

You don’t need that

One of the most common things that you hear in Central Florida when you carry a concealed weapon is that you don’t need to carry a gun to the theme parks, because they are for kids, and no crime happens there.

The place is, of course, a target rich environment for all sorts of criminals. Child molesters, for example:

The report states when deputies searched Jiang’s phone, they found numerous inappropriate pictures of children between 4 years old and 7 years old taken inside of the park — including one in a bathroom stall.


Disney has a no weapons policy for everyone. If they find out you have a weapon on their property, they do their best to have you arrested. Since many of the deputies that are on property are working there as a side job while wearing their taxpayer supplied uniform, weapon, and radio, and are standing there doing their employer’s (Disney’s) bidding while being covered in the qualified immunity afforded to police officers, the person caught with a weapon on property is often arrested for SOMETHING, and then trespassed.

Of course, when their employers are accused of an actual crime like pedophilia or distribution and possession of child pornography, they are given a free pass.

This policy leaves guests and employees defenseless against criminals. This explains why the critters have started robbing Disney employees who are on their way home.

I go to the theme parks. I carry a gun. That is exactly why.

Disney employee pedphilia

A Disney employee was arrested yesterday for possession and solicitation of child pornography. This happens at Disney with a fair amount of frequency. With Disney being such a target rich environment for criminals of all types, it doesn’t surprise me.

What does surprise me is Disney’s attitude towards the problem. When an employee of the company is arrested for child pornography, Disney suspends them, pending the outcome of the charges. The company states that the accused employees are innocent until proven guilty.

That same courtesy does not apply to employees that are found to have a firearm in their car. Doug and Linda Gray, had been faithful employees of the company for a decade, and were fired in 2007 after it was discovered that they had a firearm in their car. They also were given a trespass warning that barred them from ever again entering company property.

A security guard was fired for having a gun in his car in 2008, despite the fact that Florida had recently signed a “guns in parking lots” law that prohibits an employer from taking action against employees who bring guns to work and leave them in the car. Disney claims that they are exempt, but that is smoke and mirrors.

In short, pedophiles are innocent until proven guilty of a crime. Gun owners, having committed no crime, are guilty. Disney, whose policy violates the law, denies being guilty of anything.

Thanks for enabling the child molesters, Disney.

The happiest place on Earth

The Wonderful World of Pedophiles disarmed victims Disney has seen another employee of theirs arrested for possession of child pornography. This has been a growing trend.

Matthew Wendland was arrested in February of this year.
Tony Guerra was arrested August 31.
Darren Roberts was arrested September 21.
All of them were suspended without pay, pending the outcome of charges. Disney is worried about due process, which is all well and good. We wouldn’t want to accuse someone of breaking the law, only to find that they didn’t, right?

Then explain why a married couple who has an unloaded firearm in their car in the employee parking lot (completely legal in the state of Florida) both get terminated without question. To compound the error, Disney then lobbies the state legislature to strengthen laws allowing employers to search employee cars for weapons, stating that employers need the ability to search cars, so they can stop child pornography.

I think we all know that the real target here is law abiding gun owners- not child pornographers.