This is Why People Hate Cops

A deputy in Columbia County, FL stops a blind man for having a folding cane in his back pocket, claiming that she thought it was a firearm. EDITED TO ADD: It’s obvious that the deputy didn’t REALLY believe that the folded walking stick in his back pocket was a firearm, judging by her demeanor when he reached back and pulled it from his pocket. She invented the firearm story because she wanted an excuse to stop and harass him. I believe that she stopped him because she had already decided to harass him and find a reason to arrest him. END EDIT

It is quickly established that her reasonable, articulable suspicion was incorrect. At this point, her legal justification for the stop is over. There is no RAS that a crime was being committed, therefore there is no reason to detain this man. Instead, she then demands that he produce identification and he refuses because he apparently understands the law better than this cop and her sergeant.

After they run his ID, the female deputy asks “Was that so hard?” The man replies, “It’s gonna be. I want your names and badge numbers,” to which the sergeant replies, “You know what, put him in jail for resisting.”

Resisting what? There was no legal reason to put him in handcuffs or demand his ID.

This is the kind of shit that makes me dislike police. The deputies know the charges will be dropped but are using the process to punish people because they know that they will inconvenience you, costing you legal fees, and retaliate by putting you into the system. We should change the law to establish citizen review committees that review police actions and give these committees the power to strip individual officers of their qualified immunity so that they can be personally held accountable when deliberately using the law as a weapon to satisfy personal vendettas.

This kind of stuff makes my blood boil.

Gov’t Tracking Your Stuff

Last month, the FMCSA released a new proposed regulation for public comment. The proposal is for a electronic ID system that would place a transponder in every interstate commercial motor vehicle that would transmit a unique electronic ID number. This number would allow police to remotely track every single commercial vehicle and its contents. The government claims that there are no “credible” privacy concerns for carriers and drivers.

The proposed regulation takes effect in early December.

Concentration Camps

It has long been said that wealthy, elitist Democrats don’t care about illegal immigration because they don’t have illegal immigrants in their neighborhoods. Ron Desantis has proven that old saying to be correct by shipping some illegals to Martha’s Vineyard.

FDR put inconvenient non-whites into military guarded camps. Now the left has found another group of non-white people to put into camps. Less than 36 hours after arriving in Martha’s Vineyard, which declared itself to be a sanctuary location, the immigrants that arrived there were shipped off to a concentration camp to be guarded by 125 National Guard troops activated for that express purpose.

It isn’t that liberals don’t understand hypocrisy or cognitive dissonance, as Miguel argues. They fully understand it. The leftists have simply decided that they don’t have to follow the rules that they have set for others.

In the meantime, everyone on the left who supports this needs to be called a racist who supports putting Hispanics into concentration camps.

They Know Where You Are

USA today recently discovered that Florida police are tracking people through plate readers and toll transponders. This isn’t new. Police have been doing this for years. I first reported on this way back in 2011, when I did a post on plate reading cameras.

There are also readers that track toll transponders without charging the driver a toll. They are everywhere. Then there are people tracking your cell phone. Ask the J6 protesters about that.

That’s the reason why every vehicle I own as a Faraday bag in it. If I ever want to be more difficult to track, I just drop the cell phones and transponders into the bag.

Of course, USA today didn’t care then, and they didn’t care when I showed that NYPD was doing it back in 2014. The only reason that they care now is because they want to make DeSantis look bad. They just fail to mention that the program has been going in for far longer than DeSantis has been in office, and it taking place in more places than just Florida.

Cops Stealing PMs

This man sued PA cops because they took his silver coins and bullion. Note that the suit wasn’t dropped because it didn’t have merit. It was dropped because the man just couldn’t do it any longer.

I have a problem with how it all went down:

Because of Schifter’s rambling and vague answers plus a record showing arrests in three states, Conrad sought permission to search the RV.

It was denied due to six dogs in the RV. Asked if he would allow a search were it not for the dogs, he said no.

So no probable cause, they asked to search and were denied. So far, I don’t have a problem.

A search was conducted after Conrad’s drug detection dog had an alert at the front and passenger side of the RV. That is when the cash, bullion, coins and jewelry were discovered.

The entire thing of drug dogs alerting is bullshit. It is long past time for drug dogs to be eliminated as probable cause.

Dogs are very good at reading people. They know that if they give their handler what he wants, they get a reward. If the cop wants the dog to alert on a car, the dog will alert on a car. There was one study that actually supported that, but once the study was published, cops have refused to participate in any more studies unless those studies are being performed by pro-policing organizations.

Cops don’t even keep records of how often dogs alert to drugs and then no drugs are found. The police say:

“There’s been cars that my dog’s hit on… and just because there wasn’t a product in it, doesn’t mean the dog can’t smell it,” says Gunnar Fulmer, a K9 officer with the Walla Walla Police Department. “[The drug odor] gets permeated in clothing, it gets permeated in the headliners in cars.”

The problem here is obvious- even giving the dog the benefit of the doubt, probable cause means that the search is being done because drugs are probably there. What the cop in the above quote is saying is that by alerting, the dog is indicating that drugs may have been there at some time in the past. The dog indicates the odor of drugs, but not the presence of drugs. That isn’t the same thing and shouldn’t be enough to trigger a warrantless search of someone’s property.

Anyhow, back to the story at hand.

The silver was seized and taken to the state police barracks in Milton where Schifter claimed he had bought them periodically over the past several months at Nevada Coin and Jewelry but did not have any receipts.

Contact was made with the manager of the business who said Schifter always paid cash.

A review of receipts that were obtained revealed eight purchases for silver bullion between Oct. 17 and Dec. 19, 2019, totaling $64,904. One was in the name of the woman with him and the others in his.

That should have been the end of it. If they can’t prove that he bought the coins with the results of criminal enterprise in court, that is the end of it.

There were suspicions of money laundering because an ion scan indicated the cash had been in close proximity of high levels of methamphetamine.

We aren’t talking about cash. Where did cash enter this story? Just bad reporting. Are they saying that Schifter had cash on him that tested positive for drug residue? So what, most of the money in the nation does.

This is nothing more than theft. The government is out to steal your possessions. Asset forfeiture is theft. It is unconstitutional, but the courts don’t care about that.

End Run

If a cop asks a criminal to break into your house to search it for evidence of a crime as an end run around the Fourth Amendment’s requirement for a search warrant, is that an infringement of your rights?

If the government asks a media company to censor free speech in order to influence an election, were people’s rights violated?

The FBI is the Sword and Shield of the Democrat party.

Dual Justice System

Two women are being forced to pay $40,000 in fines and facing up to 5 years in prison as a part of a plea deal for ‘transporting stolen property’ in the form of Ashley Biden’s diary that detailed sexual improprieties that the President was taking with his daughter. The plea deal is the culmination of a years long investigation into a crime that sounds like the title to a Hardy Boys book- “The Case of the Missing Diary.”

Contrast that with “The Case of the Purloined Letter.” Or have we all forgotten about Bob Woodward stealing documents right off of Donald Trump’s desk? In this case, it was the draft copy of a trade deal between the US and South Korea. Isn’t that interference with an official proceeding? Stealing government documents?

It’s painfully obvious that the FBI is the Sword and Shield of the Democrat party when a lost diary gets a 2 year investigation and a 5 year jail sentence, but stealing a treaty from the Oval office and in the process interfering with official government business gets you an advance for a tell all book.