Persecution Continues

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) has ordered banks to flag transactions that contain certain keywords such as “MAGA” “Trump” and other political words. If those words are found to be tied to a financial transaction, that account and the person who owns it is referred for further investigation. You can bet that other keywords are also being used. I could easily see all transactions involving products like Ghost Gunner, bulk ammo purchases, and even donations to SAF or FPC being used to flag people. There lies your de facto gun registration.

Like we have been saying for years about registration- there is only one purpose for a firearm registry, and that is confiscation. These keyword investigations are a prelude to mass arrests, denial of public access to things (a social credit score), or some other punitive action. There is nothing else that these investigations can be used for under the law and Constitution as it exists today.

Police LARP

A short platoon of armed cops are raiding a house while armed with grenades and suppressed machine guns. The way that they bunch up and ignore their rear tells you that they either don’t know how to advance to contact, or they don’t really think that the people inside are a threat.

They’d already been to this house multiple times looking for the person of interest and knew he no longer lived there, yet they tossed a grenade inside, injuring an infant.

They’re larping. Unfortunately when these jackboots larp, it has real world consequences. Ones they don’t have to pay for because they have qualified immunity.

Now ask yourself- if these guys were engaged in an ambush being carried out by an armed, well motivated and trained opposing force, how many casualties would they take?

Booty Patrol

A guy driving a truck marked like a Border Patrol vehicle with “Booty Patrol” emblazoned on the sides was given a ticket for $115 because it had red and blue lights on it. He paid it. Then police found his website, one where he was trying to get social media fame, then arrested him for impersonating an officer.

Now we all know that I am not a lawyer, but I of course have an opinion on the matter.

  • He was already convicted of the offence and paid his fine because of the red and blue lights. Arresting and charging him again for that is double jeopardy.
  • Unless there is a “Booty Patrol” police office, he isn’t impersonating any cops with those markings. A green strip isn’t enough for impersonation charges. These charges are bullshit.
  • To publicly admit that you only charged him after you saw his social media page should be admissible in court, as it is evidence that they are trying to infringe on his First Amendment rights.

Don’t forget the Florida case where a man was arrested for having an “I eat ass” sticker on his truck. A police officer saw it and demanded that he remove it. The man refused, and was arrested for resisting an officer and obscene writing on a vehicle. The charges were dropped, but so was the man’s lawsuit, with the judge citing “qualified immunity.”

Though it was supposed to shield government officials only from lawsuits without merit, it instead shields them from ones with merit, including the two-dozen cops who blew up an innocent man’s home during a SWAT raid on the wrong residence, a cop who conducted an illegal search and ruined a man’s car, and cops who stole hundreds of thousands of dollars

More ATF Changes

The ATF continues the war on gun ownership in general, and self made firearms in particular. Since they can’t get traction for changing the law through Congress, they are using the bureaucratic apparatus to pass new laws. If you don’t already have the means for making your own firearms, I would suggest you do so soon, or your window of opportunity will close for good.

Important Update Regarding ATF Regulations and Easy Jig Sales Due to recent changes in ATF regulations, 80% Arms and 5D Tactical can no longer sell or support jigs directly.
Support and Warranty Service: For all Easy Jig and Pro Jig customers, will now handle support. Modulus Arms will honor warranty services, provide technical support, and offer replacement tools and parts for all Easy Jig and Pro Jig products.
Manufacturing and Sales: While Easy Jigs will continue to be manufactured by 80% Arms and Pro Jigs by 5D Tactical, all sales must now be conducted through their independent dealers to comply with the new regulation. They are no longer permitted to sell jigs or distribute manuals via their websites under these new ATF rules.
Legal Challenges: Both companies are actively challenging this government overreach in court. They are optimistic about a favorable ruling from the Supreme Court in 2024, as both the District Court and the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals have ruled decisively in our favor.
Availability through Dealers: In the meantime, both jigs are still available through their dealers, despite the inability to sell them directly.

Permission Slips

I’m sure that all of you have seen the video of the LA homeowner who was trying to enter his home when armed robbers attempted to force him to allow their entry into his home at gunpoint. The homeowner produced his legally carried CCW and got in a gunfight with them, driving them off and protecting his family.

“I guess they decided to try to come at me and come in the house but I have a five-month-old baby and a wife and a nanny in the house and that wasn’t going to happen,” the man said.

One of the cleanest self defense shootings you will see. The guy was defending his family from would be home invaders that wanted to enter his home where his wife and 5 year old daughter were sleeping.

That can’t be allowed in the fucked up failed state of California. No, the city of Los Angeles has revoked his concealed weapons permit because, according to them, he was rude to the arriving police officers.

What really happened was that he was openly critical of the poor response and sloppy police work of the LAPD on local and national news channels.

During a local news interview, he had blasted the LAPD for ‘sloppy police work’, including their negligence in picking up casings scattered near his home as evidence because they missed a bunch of them and left them behind.

Tyrants can’t stand to be called out and criticized, as we talked about yesterday. I would also point out that this is yet another example of police being worse than useless. They didn’t prevent the crime, they didn’t respond to the crime in time to shalt the crime in progress, and when they DID arrive, they didn’t even do a good job of investigating the crime.

The only thing that they DID do was abuse their power.

I’m on the verge of siding with the “defund the police” crowd.