CBS News came up with a list of the most heavily armed states in the USA. There are a few things wrong with it: a- Washington, DC isn’t a state, b- Guns aren’t ‘registered’ in most states, and c- you have got to be kidding me- this list is WRONG. Here, according to CBS News are the “most heavily armed states:”

1 Wyoming

2 Washington, DC (WHAT? Maybe if you count all of the law enforcement guns and the ones that belong to the 3rd Infantry Regiment.)

3 Arkansas

4 New Mexico

5 Virginia

6 Idaho

7 Alabama

8 Nevada

9 Alaska

10 Louisiana

11 (tie) Maryland, Pennsylvania, Georgia, New Hampshire

12 Indiana

13 Kentucky

14 Utah

15 Texas (So they are claiming that there are more guns in Maryland than Texas?)

16 Oklahoma

17 Colorado

18 South Carolina

19 South Dakota

20 (tie) Ohio, Oregon, Connecticut, Montana, Tennessee

21 North Carolina

22 Kansas

23 Florida (the article claims 199,828 registered firearms in Florida. That is BS for two reasons: 1 There is no firearms registry in Florida, and 2 There are 2.2 MILLION Florida residents with concealed weapons permits.)

24 (tie) Minnesota, North Dakota, Arizona, West Virginia

25 Illinois

26 Maine

27 Washington

28 Missouri

29 Wisconsin

30 California

31 Nebraska

32 Mississippi

33 Vermont

34 Iowa

35 New Jersey

36 Hawaii

37 Massachusetts

38 Michigan

39 Delaware

40 Rhode Island

41 New York

As I typed this, I figured that they are talking about NFA weapons. They are the only “registered” weapons that I can think of that would be present in these sorts of numbers. What say ye?

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Unknown · November 21, 2020 at 4:30 am

I don't guess it would be NFA weapons. New Mexico has a population of only 2 million people, give or take. Just looking at NFAtracker "transfer by state" suggests Texas would be far ahead of NM.

Therefore · November 21, 2020 at 5:33 am

Yep, it says it is the NRA transfers. Further in the article it tells us that New York is great because it only has something like 3.5 guns per 100,000. And that they only know about 3,000,000 firearms.

So the list is completely bogus.

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