My brother owns a business. He makes a large deposit of the day’s receipts each day. Last Friday, the armored car that comes to pick up the money did not show, because the New Years Eve holiday had them overwhelmed, so he loaded the money into his truck and made the 2 mile trip to the bank himself.

When he got there, the new manager of the bank would not let him load the money in the back door of the bank, but instead made him bring it through the front door, and then raised a fuss about the size of the deposit. He also uses a money counting machine to count the bills, and then bands them, and it also counts and bags the coins. She made him stand there while they recounted the money by machine, and then again by hand, saying that she didn’t trust him or her own machines to have counted correctly. Now understand that he makes a million in deposits a month, so this deposit took a bit of time to count by hand. The previous manager knew him, and always accepted his counts, or at least the counts of her own machines.

The new manager was pretty rude. So, being a smartass, he decided to exact his revenge. He held the $1 bills out of the deposits for the week. Then, on Friday just 15 minutes before the bank was due to close, he walked in with $32,000 in one dollar bills. Unbanded. He demanded a receipt, and then stood there while they counted it. He says he will continue to do that until the manager’s attitude improves or he gets a new manager.

Poor customer service on the bank’s part.

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Ted · January 10, 2010 at 3:21 pm

Why not just change banks?

Divemedic · January 11, 2010 at 2:05 am

I asked the same thing. I didn't get an answer.

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