Denver Shooter

Remember the Antifa member in Denver who was working as an unlicensed security guard while illegally armed, who then shot and killed the Trump supporter? Not only did he get out of jail with no bail, the DA has dropped all charges.

Did I mention that the Denver DA is Beth McCann, a BLM and Antifa supporting Democrat?

That is why Denver remains high on our danger zones list.

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Denverstan, Commierado?
The replacements Soc-Sec EBT center is right across from a dispensary and it smells like skunk weed everywhere.
Spiccoli would love it there and the CPUSA isn’t playing games because they intend a Final Solution for deplorable kulak untermenschen.
These things happen in a demoralization psyop or destroyed from within by Long Marchers using Cultural Marxism also known as WOKE.

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