One of the things that I say is that we don’t yet know if all of our elections are compromised, or if it was just the one in 2020. I get quite a bit of pushback on that, but let me explain:

The election machines were all connected to the Internet. We know that. You would think that the easiest way to cheat an election is for nefarious actors to simply just hack the machines to give bad vote totals to favor one candidate over another, but remember that there is a paper ballot available for auditing purposes, so this method wouldn’t work.

No what I think was done was the election machines were reporting vote totals to a central monitoring location. This allowed our nefarious actors to not only see vote totals, but to analyze where a few votes, say a million or so, could have the largest impact in swinging the most electoral college votes.

A presidential election is easy to swing. Most presidential elections are decided by a few swing states. Those swing states are usually fairly close calls, and a few tens of thousands of votes are all that decides whether or not a state goes red or blue. A great example of this was the 2000 election between Bush and Gore. Bush won Florida’s 25 electoral votes, and the Presidency, by a margin of only 537 votes.

As all of you know, it went all the way to SCOTUS. The Democrats were incensed, and convinced that Bush had cheated. They were determined to do the same: scorched earth to fight the Bush presidency at every turn. When HRC lost, they were even angrier and even more determined to win the White House at all costs, and that is exactly what they did.

As the movie suggests, you could have only 2,000 mules delivering 1,000 false ballots each, and if they were to deliver those votes in closely contested swing states, those two million votes could turn a Trump landslide into a Biden victory without there being “widespread fraud.” Think about it: 2,000 mules spreading fraudulent ballots in 40 voting districts located in 5 states. I think that is what happened.

Now apply this to the 2022 midterms. There are 435 House races and 34 Senate races to contend with. Attempting to mess with this election is orders of magnitude more difficult. Now instead of gaming 20 to 40 election counting locations to change a Presidential race, you have to game hundreds of them, while at the same time remembering that the Republicans know what’s up, and will be watching a lot more closely.

That is why I am not sure that the entire election process has been subverted. I am waiting to see what happens in the election this year. Will it matter in the end? No. The bus is still headed for the cliff, but the cliff may be a bit farther away with the bus going a bit slower. No matter what, this nation is headed for disaster. The election of 2022 will just tell us if we are out of time or not.

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Southernborne · July 1, 2022 at 7:45 am

This view seems correct. I wonder though if turning a few Senate races may be the plan?

StBernardnot · July 1, 2022 at 8:21 am

Republicans watching? My laugh for the morning!

    Divemedic · July 1, 2022 at 11:45 am

    If you can count on one thing it’s this: politicians want to be (re)elected. Their supporters’ fate is tied to it. They will at least watch in self interest

Mike_C · July 1, 2022 at 8:52 am

Fair enough.

But on the flip side, there’s the Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus (false in one thing, false in everything) principle. Once a national election has been stolen, how do you trust subsequent elections?

“The system worked” if you get what you wanted, and “we wuz robbed!!!” if you don’t? If that’s the standard, then every election will be deemed fraudulent by about half the population.

Toastrider · July 1, 2022 at 10:47 am

A couple people have pointed this out: whatever the Democrats/left (BIRM) did to ‘swing’ 2020, it was expensive.

Like, stupidly expensive. THAT was what the ‘Build Back Better’ bill was for — to refill the coffers with both currency and favors. When it fell through, things started to get really dicey, hence the current regime’s panic mode.

Wisconsin alone cost somewhere close to two billion dollars to fortify. Yes, that is a ‘B’. That’s just one state.

So yes, I’m sure they’ll try to cheat again. But I don’t think they have the resources to cheat enough. Even laundering money through Ukraine won’t be enough.

Anonymous · July 1, 2022 at 1:36 pm

Why trust the system yet again? They are already blatantly anti-white and both sides of the uniparty in DC at minimum do nothing to slow the destruction of our people and letting in millions of invaders. There’s been no major changes in voting regulation. It will never be fair and even if “our guys” win a few seats, the damage has been already done. There’s still people locked up from Jan 6th and only a couple of token protests. The government hates us and wants to not just replace us but desecrate and rape our kids while brainwashing them against us. DHS has stated repeatedly that white domestic terrorists are the biggest threat, and they consider any white that speaks up to be suspect, just look at parents at school board meetings who merely point out how degenerate and sexually perverse this all is.

Voting does nothing.

Get some likeminded fellows together. Figure out a plan. Tell no one. Never speak about it, post online about it, just do it and shut up about it. Work locally.

There’s already paramilitary groups out there in action against us like the core members of numerous antifa branches that do the organizing, strategy and tactics on the ground. There’s all the criminals who opportunitistically riot and loot, or just does something like sucker punches a person from behind because of their race and also because they find it hilarious. There are fuel and food shortages purposely pushed, starvation is soon coming and the solution will be bugs and plant “meat” for the cattle they let live and keep society barely chugging along.

Fucking voting. What the fuck. You old bastards have been around decades longer and have a wealth of knowledge and experience, skills that are necessary for communities to succeed. There’s plenty of opportunities to drop out of the system, work around it and avoid paying into it. There’s plenty else that can be done. There are millions of disillusioned men and women who feel like they have no future, will never be able to afford a home and a family. There’s so many that could use a bit of guidance to prepare for the upcoming upheaval. But still participating in this system? Still chaining yourself to it metaphorically? Voting?


TRX · July 1, 2022 at 5:29 pm

> but remember that there is a paper ballot available for auditing purposes,

Not on the machines used by my county, the last couple of elections. At least, nothing visible to the user.

Somebody seems to have a fat budget for electronic voting devices; we have new, different ones at every major election. In 2020, it was some brand I’d never heard of, touchscreen boxes that then printed out a marked “ballot”, which you then carried over to the exit door and dropped into a combination scanner/shredder, which conveniently got rid of any evidence.

The old system in the 1990s was paper ballots that were marked with fat felt tip pens. You put it in a slot in the top of a box when you were done. Every half hour someone unlocked the box, took the ballots out, and passed them to the counters, who were mostly senior citizens sitting at a card table, right out with everyone. You could stand there and make your own count as they went through the ballots. When they were done, the senior official marked the votes on his clipboard. When the polls closed, he totaled it all up, called the results in to Little Rock, and they loaded their stuff into the trailers and drove off.

Funny, it may take days for the fancy electronic machines to come up with a result; when they did it by hand it was available within minutes. And physical paper ballots were stored and available for re-count if needed.

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