Drugs kill people. That is a fact whether they are legally prescribed or not. In the case of street drugs, the people that die from them are largely self inflicted deaths. They take them knowing the risks, roll the dice, and sometimes lose.

Not so with the war on drugs. Take for example Breona Taylor and her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker.

Picture this: You are a law abiding, gun owning citizen in Louisville, KY. Your EMT girlfriend is sleeping beside you, tired after working her shift at a local hospital. There is a loud noise at 1 am on a Thursday night. A group of men enter your home without announcing who they are and open fire, shooting more than 20 times, striking your girlfriend with 8 bullets.

What do you do? Shoot back, of course.

When the dust settles, it turns out the men were police officers who were executing a “no knock” warrant, looking for a suspect who lived miles away and was already in their jail at the time of the raid. One of the cops was wounded in the leg.

Police claim that they knocked on the door before forcing their way inside. They say they were immediately met with gunfire.

Police have said it’s unclear what Taylor’s involvement was or how she died. The coroner says that she died of bullets to the torso.

Kenneth Walker was charged with attempted murder of a police officer.

When cops execute a warrant on the wrong house, fail to identify themselves, and then begin shooting how is the homeowner supposed to know the difference between them and a gang of criminal home invaders? Answer: you aren’t, because there *is* no difference.

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TCK · May 25, 2020 at 9:59 am

And yet, they still have the gall to complain about how public trust in, and respect for police of all stripes is at an historic low.

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