The Norwegian Defense force has established an all female special forces unit. Here are the physical requirements for entry: (translated- sorry if wrong)

Minimum physical requirements
2 body lifts (pull ups?)
20 push-ups
35 situps in 2 min
20 back lift
Swim 200 meters (10 meters under water)

Test on course beginning:

  • 7 km pack run with own bag of 22 kg
  • Outfit: sportswear and sneakers
  • Time requirements: 54 minutes

Before graduation:

  • 7 km pack run with handed out bag of 22 kg
  • Outfit: uniform, marching boots and weapons
  • Time requirements: 54 minutes

What requirements are there for male special forces?

So the female special forces candidates wouldn’t come close to qualifying for the male version. Even the weighted march is easier, because the women the men must travel 30km to the women’s 7km. Well, what are the requirements for basic troops, men and women?

Note that women who qualify for special forces in Norway would have to complete 2 pull ups, 20 push ups, and 35 sit ups, which would barely be a “passing” grade for men who AREN’T special forces. Compare it to the entry test for the US Army Ranger school:

Every country that permits women lowers the requirements. They have to. This is unfair to the women who go into combat and must face the reality of combat that they are simply not physically prepared for.

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why · May 12, 2021 at 7:11 am

They (govt) did the same in Fire Depts. We (males) had to recover Rescue Randy (150#) from multi-story fire tower, down to ground-level and out the door. Women only had to drag him out the front door. Oh, males had to do it wearing full gear, including SCBA; the women got to do it wearing basic FD station uniform.

I weighed 135# when I went in (rookie) but weighed almost 200# the next moment, wearing bunker gear and SCBA. We KNEW we were on our own if a woman was backing us up.

Fire is the great equalizer. It doesn’t care your sex, gender, age, culture, ethnicity, wealth, or education. It treats EVERYONE equally.

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