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Felony for refusing the jab

The President is proposing to court martial and dishonorably discharge any service members who refuse the jab. A dishonorable discharge is a felony conviction.

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I seem to recall standing in a line during the beginning of basic training to receive multiple vaccines by air gun injections. Don’t know what would have happened if we refused because nobody did.

Yeah, me too. But those were for real licensed vaccines, not experimental medical pre-treatments for a virus that is on average 99.7% survivable. I know they didn’t pop me with chemo therapy as a cancer preventative for example. They are a repeat of standard childhood immunizations, as well as some standard preventatives like a flu shot. You get more if you deploy to places with high risk or required by the host country.

and all of them were approved by the FDA, unlike the expermental vaccine that this one or three of them are. Should be talk about the spike protein or the DNA changing rmdna??

Can you be discharged with a dishonorable discharge without being convicted at a courts martial? I served with a couple of guys who ended up leaving the service with some sort of bad paper for being druggies, I have no recollection of the legal process that preceded their discharge.

That would have been a general discharge under other than honorable conditions. They gave this one to drug users, gays, and malcontents who weren’t breaking the rules enough to get in trouble but their command didn’t want them.

“When entering basic training, you only receive shots you do not currently have.” Shit, that wasn’t always the case. We got them all including Plague.

I wouldn’t put it past Biden’s puppet masters to consider such. But touching that 3rd rail of SS/SSI/SSDI/OPM $$ is the reason you haven’t heard of it.

Since the Kung Flu is most dangerous to those over 75, not getting the jab should mean they’re more likely to get killed off and save the Feds some serious money. That argues they might encourage the retirees to not get vaxxed. I can’t imagine they’d make a big show of it but maybe make up a list of the most fatal co-mordibities and say, “don’t get the vax if you have any of these.”

It would be like trying to encourage everyone over 65 to take up smoking.

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