The Miami Fire Department terminated firefighter Kevin Newcomb for making comments about a police detective who died in the line of duty this week, and in favor of gun control. It was pretty outrageous stuff.

This is what he wrote:

Who cares? Another dead cop, probably against gun control. They didn’t give a fuck when kids were dying in that school shooting they stood outside. Cops exist for the government to exercise its monopoly on violence. They want the whole world to stop when one of theirs goes down. How many idiots I had to transport with honor guard their dead bodies from coronavirus because they all were too stupid to wear masks or get vaccinated. All cops are good for is protecting the rich property owners and the status quo. Everything else is a farce. Fuck the police.

Firefighter Kevin Newcomb on Miami Detective Cesar Echaverry’s death

If the left can cancel anyone they disagree with, so can we.

We have confirmed that the firefighter in question authored a written statement using a social media platform that demonstrated a disregard for human life, demonstrated a violent and antagonistic stance towards civil servants and represented conduct unbecoming of a Miami Firefighter. These characteristics make it impossible for this individual to carry out his duties as a first responder in the City of Miami.

Fire Chief Joseph Zahralban

The firefighter was suspended with pay on Thursday to permit the Miami Fire Rescue department to complete its investigation into the text message. The agency announced his firing less than 24 hours later.

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D · August 19, 2022 at 7:17 pm

I can’t say I disagree with him. Look how many abusive cops are out there.

The government’s whole job is to protect the rights of individuals and they do that by getting involved when someone’s rights have been (or are about to be) violated and/or property has been damaged and the individuals involved can’t settle their differences.

…and yet cops *love* being the bad guy.

Doing 5 over? Haven’t harmed anyone? Sure, we’ll arrest your freedom of movement to collect revenue.

Rolled slowly through a stop sign when there was no oncoming traffic? Looks like nobody was harmed. Sure, we’ll arrest your freedom of movement to collect revenue.

Moved addresses and missed your renewal notification? Jesus fucking Christ. You monster. You nearly killed everyone in a 50 mile radius! Sure, we’ll arrest your freedom of movement to collect revenue.

Grass too tall? Bumper hanging an inch over the sidewalk? Sitting in your yard drinking a beer? Library book overdue? Parked on the side of the road for a few minutes? Tail light out? Back talk? License plate light out? Not show the proper amount of reverence we feel you owe us? Give ’em the finger while driving by? Wife’s going into labor or kid has a broken wrist and you’re hurrying to the hospital? Sure–we’ll arrest your freedom of movement and collect revenue.

Hell–at the very least, an overdue library book is actually violating the rights of the owning library…but it’s a civil matter. But that doesn’t stop them from screwing with you when you haven’t harmed *anyone* or damaged *anyone’s* property.

And it’s not just revenue collecting. There’s no statute so small they’ll kill you to enforce it.

Then there’s all the unconstitutional stuff. Breaking and entering…er…I mean…manufacturing reasons to get around warrants. No-knock raids that put home-owners in the terrible decision of laying down their weapons because it might be the cops and getting raped/robbed/killed, or shooting and hoping the 3 AM door crunch isn’t the cops because you’re going to get killed. There’s planting drugs, stalking and harassing women using police databases, pedophilia, petty larceny, drug use, alcohol abuse, etc…

Hell–my former DARE instructor in 7th grade seemed like a good guy. By my senior year of high school I found out he was the dealer for half the school and he regularly showed up at high school parties to sleep with under-age minors. Nothing ever happened to him. It’s been about 20 years. He’s the sheriff now.

But when there are kids dying, they don’t have a duty to respond.
When politicians pass dumb statutes or edicts, they’ll be there to take your guns or round you up.

Fuck cops. All of them.

Good cops don’t exist in this country anymore.

    Divemedic · August 21, 2022 at 8:57 am

    Most of the stuff you complain about isn’t the cops. If you are mad that cops enforce overdue library books, blame the legislative body that passed the law.

      D · August 21, 2022 at 11:09 am

      The Nuremberg Defense. I’d be willing to bet our government is totally OK with that in this day and age.

        Big Ruckus D · August 21, 2022 at 2:43 pm

        I had a lengthy effort post I was going to add, but I’ve distilled it down to this, which is still probably too verbose:

        There is a reason cops are not respected, and even outright despised, in modern America. And that reason isn’t because everyone spontaneously woke up one day reciting NWA and collectively said “fuck the police.” Their lack of consistent application of the law (even if such is policy handed down to them from on high) and frequent heavy handedness when they do apply it, has earned them an very unfavorable public image.

        If they want the town to love them ala Andy and Barney, they need to do a lot of introspection and make major changes in how they operate. Now, I don’t see that happening, so their bad actions and the corresponding public hatred that results, will continue to escalate, just as all other intractable problems we are facing. Until something breaks loose, anyway.

        People’s exhibit one: maximally tacticool geared up cop in the Uvalde school hallway sanitizing his hands (kind of like Pontius Pilate, now that I think about it) on the CCTV feed, while kids get aired out up the hall. For extra credit towards his PR problem, he has the punisher logo as the wallpaper image on his phone. Yeah, he seems a likeable sort I’d want to hang out and have a beer with. Will Rogers certainly never met that fucker.

          D · August 22, 2022 at 9:51 am

          “he has the punisher logo as the wallpaper image on his phone”


          The last cop I had to deal with in a professional capacity (setting up his work email on his personal phone) had exactly that. He was about 100 pounds overweight, loved telling stories about how he broke peoples arms, legs, fingers, etc…and how they deserved it….oh, and he was put in charge of tracking down pedophiles a few months ago.

          When I popped open Safari on his iPhone to do some setup, he already had a page open. I was a porn site about rating BJ’s done by “barely legal teens”. The video started automatically playing. Everyone in the office turned around and looked at me. I glared at him, and the first words out of his mouth were “What the hell are you looking up on my phone?!?”

          Uh huh. Not only was he married at the time, but he was 45, looking at young girls, and immediately ready to try to sink my career to save his own ass.

          I can also hear the shouts of “One bad apple that spoiled it for the whole bunch”….except that wasn’t the only time I’d discovered explicit material at that one small department.

          …and I handled IT at a number of departments in the area. It was endemic in the area. Several officers in the area were in to some seriously bizarre S&M stuff–like people being tortured as well as gay and trans stuff. One of the guys was a swinger.

          Absolutely disgusting. I’ve told all my kids to stay the hell out of those areas and I pray they never get arrested by these disgusting men and women….because if a pedophile tries to attack you, you can defend yourself….but if that pedophile has a badge, you have to shut the fsck up, take it, and then hope to get some sort of resolution from the local court.

          …oh right…I dealt with the court clerk too. You’ll never guess who also likes perversion and abuse…

The Great Leap Weimar · August 19, 2022 at 7:35 pm

The woke can go choke and if you have something to lose then it is best to keep certain opinions to yourself in soft weak neurotic COV-LARP world.
The scene is Scarface where he says this town is like a great big chicken just waiting to get plucked (censored G Rated version) applies to the former USA and external enemies are loving it.
BTW-Taiwan=USA in the words of PLA comrades.

Tennessee Budd · August 19, 2022 at 7:36 pm

“…demonstrated a disregard for human life, demonstrated a violent and antagonistic stance towards civil servants…”
I thought it was about me for a moment there, but the conclusion of the sentence dissuaded me. I used to be in a fire department, but I’m not dumb enough to live in Miami.

Will · August 19, 2022 at 8:30 pm

Don’t let the door hit you in the ass….

Big Ruckus D · August 19, 2022 at 9:15 pm

And In today’s episode of “dis fuckin’ guy”…

Mr. (now former) firefighter seems rather conflicted. First he bags on the cop for (in his sole presumption) being against gun control, which sounds like a leftist criticizing someone they believe to be ad odds with their preferred position. Then he states cops are solely an instrument of govt to exercise their monopoly on force. With regard to that, it is a position openly espoused by some on the right, and really, he isn’t entirely wrong about that.

He rips their (non) response in Uvalde, which many ofî us did here to great effect some weeks ago now. Finally, he proceeds to go full mask/vax tard (very much a leftist thing) and gets a little jab at the rich being the only people cops protect (again with the leftist talking point). Damn, get this dude some Adderall or something. As inconsistent as a crazy ex-girlfriend.

That aside, he needs to learn when to keep his mouth shut.
In the interest of self-preservation. And especially not to self-sacrifice by shitposting under his real name. Of course what he said was unpopular with a large contingent of the public. If he really wanted to say that stuff publicly, he shouldn’t have done it in a way that could be readily traced back to him. Lots of people would still think it was a bitch move, but he’d be insulated from the consequences he is now suffering. Whatever his rationale, he done stepped in it.

Aesop · August 20, 2022 at 12:19 pm

He’s not wrong, but as a public servant himself, he knew when he signed up that “bringing discredit or dishonor” on the department was grounds for termination.

And there ain’t no cure for shooting yourself in the foot, when your foot is in your mouth.

Social media posting isn’t for functional idiots, and he had a collision of the two conditions.

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