A California attorney complains that his client was being prosecuted for murder because she had a miscarriage. He then laments that women are being persecuted because of a crackdown on abortion. Once you read the details, well it’s a different story.

She had a miscarriage because she was using illegal drugs while pregnant.

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Lil’ Georgie Sorrows will buy a prosecutor to make sure it never happens again.
The Long March to burn down Western Civ is almost complete and these little details will not hold up the egalitarian workers utopia.

Sounds like a typcal trash can lawyer, just trying to weasel the client out of any culpability. And also typical of so many women today; having been unmoored from morality and ethics in this post modernist hellscape society, simply denying any responsibility for their own failings. Happens so often that it is the expected modus operandi, and the opposite – accepting responsibility for ones fuckups – comes as a huge surprise when it (so infrequently) occurs. But, this is a junkie we’re talking about, so predictable outcome is predictable.

Anyway, where the FUSA is heading, prosecutions like this will be the least of a woman’s concerns. Starving, suffering in extreme heat and cold with no modern HVAC (and no iPhone, the absolute horror) due to rolling blackouts, and roving bands of marauding rapists are all more likely risks in the future now being staged, than will being prosecuted by a wildly inconsistent “justice” system for killing their unborn child by acting stupid and making poor choices. They’ll come to see the current interregnum – at least in hindsight -as the good old days.

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