The ATF is offering a $2500 reward to anyone who gives them information that leads to the recovery of a police “patrol rifle” that was stolen from an off duty police officer’s vehicle. They describe the missing rifle as “an AR type rifle with a red dot sight,” then include a picture that says it is “similar to the  stolen weapon.”

This story doesn’t add up. Since it is the most popular rifle in the country, plenty of these are stolen every day, but the ATF doesn’t do press releases with lots of exposure and a reward that is more than the value of the stolen gun. Shoot, the red dot sight costs more than an AR does these days. I am willing to bet that the missing rifle has a happy switch and the cops don’t want the public to know that they lost a machine gun.

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Therefore · February 29, 2020 at 1:21 pm

Hmm, so when you find it upgrade the trigger group with a drop in high quality trigger, remove the extra pieces and then turn the whole thing in for $2500

Sounds like a plan to me.

Trying to explain to some people that this thing is a hunk of aluminum, put a mark here to show where to drill makes it a gun. Put another mark here makes it a "machine gun".

I'm not positive if ATF treats lower reviewers with autosear pin hole drilled as NFA but I would not risk it.

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