There are eight Ivy league colleges in the United States: Harvard, Yale, Columbia, UPenn, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, and Princeton. All have this reputation of being the best colleges that the country has to offer. Being accepted to one of them is an indication of excellence. Is pride in that accomplishment justified?

Only a five students have been accepted by all eight of them.

What do all of these students have in common? (Other than being accepted by all eight Ivy League schools, of course.) They have a lot in common:

  • They are all black.
  • They are all immigrants. 3 are from Nigeria, 1 from Guyana, 1 from Ghana
  • All five of them went to high school within 35 miles of Manhattan.

Admittedly, they have high grades and test scores. However, lots of students have that. So then explain to me how David Hogg qualified for Harvard with his SAT scores, which were low enough to place him in the 5th percentile.

Keep in mind that Harvard accepts less than 6 percent of applicants. The other schools in the Ivy league do the same. They have been sued for discrimination in the past.

William Fitzsimmons, the 30-year dean of admissions, who oversees the screening process of about 40,000 applicants and narrows them down to 2,000 acceptance letters that are handed out each year, testified that African-Americans, Native Americans, and Hispanic high schoolers with mid-range SAT scores out of a possible 1600 combined math and verbal, are sent recruitment letters with a score as low as 1100, whereas Asian-Americans need to score at least 250 points higher – 1350 for women and 1380 for men.

Tell me that being accepted to those prestigious schools is about your ability and accomplishments, and not about meeting the woke checkboxes. The admissions departments at these schools claim that this isn’t discrimination, because they are attempting to “break the cycle of the discrimination of the past.” Fighting discrimination by discriminating against people is like fucking to preserve virginity.

Harvard isn’t the only one. Yale was also sued by the justice department under President Trump for discriminating against qualified white and Asian students.

Meanwhile, 49 percent of the students at Harvard have straight A’s.

I don’t understand how a University that admits students based on race, then gives them straight A’s can possibly be an elite school that carries any sort of prestige.

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Paulb · January 22, 2022 at 8:38 am

Window dressing. That’s all. They neither expect these kids to graduate nor care one way or the other. Thunderdome rules mean that some will. They get to be the token grads, the examples for the ‘Why I have plenty of black friends’ that the rich WASP’s use.

I went to the working class people’s college down the street from Harvard. My aunt, a snob and a schoolteacher, was dating the chair of astrophysics at Harvard. Super nice guy, related to the Aga Khan somehow, so old money, like all of them. The guy was an anti-snob. His father apprenticed him to a mason as a kid to teach him humility.
So I got to go to the Harvard Club, where the elite eat, every month, and I got to eat with world-class minds and politicoes, and Larry Summers, later to be Obama’s consulting economist, was president at Harvard and someone I got to meet a few times. He told me about Harvard being Black People Thunderdome, then basically said I was smart not to have applied, as they try to get some local midwits from the area in for local color, too, to put the low-class Boston accent on campus for the rich kids to enjoy, too.
I can only imagine it’s gotten worse in the past 25+ years since then.

    Big Ruckus D · January 22, 2022 at 10:28 am

    So this is insider confirmation of a sort it is fake and ghey, like everything else the establishment does. In essence, it’s the equivalent of a clothing label sold at Saks Fifth Avenue instead of Kohls; 95% overpriced and overhyped image with a miniscule touch of substance. And DM: “like fucking to preserve virginity”. That’s absolute gold, consider it stolen.

    I do wonder how those specially chosen token kneegrows feel about being the high society version of circus freaks in a tightly managed menagerie of mythmaking. Or, for that matter, if they even realize the role they are playing on massawitz’s plantation. If these people didn’t go on to influence the underpinnings of our society (read: fuck it all up) it would be truly funny to witness this open exploitation for social virtue posturing brownie points. That they even throw some obnoxious Boston townies in the mix for the amusement of the naughty haughty is wicked good.

Jonathan · January 22, 2022 at 11:11 am

They think they’re the top schools… Others have different ideas, or more often don’t care.
I know from experience that a good reputation does not mean a good education. I transferred from the engineering program of a regional liberal arts college to a big name school known for engineering… my workload got MUCH lighter, and my GPA went up by 0.6 while doing less work.
Twice I got jobs because of the school I graduated from, not because of my ability or experience.

Danny · January 22, 2022 at 11:49 am

College graduates = people who hate America and are heavily in debt.

Where I work, there are college educated people who barely know how to use the English language.

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