My next task is to learn to be single again. Even though my last relationship was only a year and half long, I was not interested in dating or anything when I met her, as I was busy with school and career at the time. Before that, I was married and in a long term relationship for about eight years, so I haven’t had to do this in about ten years, meaning that I am a bit rusty as far as the dating game goes.

To get myself back out there, I went to a singles event at an upscale bar in Orlando. (The kind of place that serves $25 Martinis. To you people in New York that are used to the $50 variety, a twenty five dollar Martini is pretty pricey for Orlando.) Things went well, and there were games and things to break the ice and give the singles there a chance to mingle and get to know each other a bit. I think

I caught the signals that this woman was throwing my way, but I have never been very good at this sort of thing, and after ten years, I am probably not any better.

We talked a bit, she was friendly, leaning into me while touching me on the arm as we were speaking. She was exhibiting all the signs, she touched her hair, made frequent eye contact, and we exchanged numbers.

After the party, some female friends approached her, and I excused myself to leave. That was when she grabbed my arm and asked me not to go just yet. We talked for another 45 minutes. I joked about her possibly giving me a fake number, and she texted me with “See? Real number”

We have texted three conversations since, one of them initiated by her.

The only thing I can’t seem to do is close the deal to get that first date. She is busy this weekend with work, and next weekend is planning to go with her best friend to visit the best friend’s mother in Miami. Still, now I remember why I hate being single.

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Anonymous · February 6, 2014 at 11:00 pm

I pray good luck on your endeavors, sir. I've been through the type of thing you recently had to go through, so I kinda know where you're coming from. Matter of fact, I may soon find myself in the same position, as the wife (together 9 years, married 7) and I are discussing divorce. At 40 years old, I am not looking forward to the dating scene again. May just give women up altogether and become a monk.

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