The labor department reported that payrolls increased in March because there were 162,000 jobs added, and they claim that this is the best showing in three years, thus proving that the economy is improving. I believe that is a misleading report. The government hired 48,000 of those people for the census, and those jobs all end at the end of July. Expect unemployment to climb in August.

This article claims that private industry added 123,000 jobs. All of this is propaganda. (BTW 123K plus 48K is NOT 162K. Just sayin). There were actually 114,000 jobs added. What is funny is that Obama takes credit for adding the jobs created by a Census that was mandated in the Constitution, written nearly 200 years before he was born.

Unemployment is remaining steady, mostly because people’s unemployment extensions are running out, and there are still no jobs out there. There are 6.5 million people who have been out of work for 6 months or longer. Even if you take the jobs report for March seriously, it will take us over 5 years at March’s rate for us to hire those 6.5 million people and be back to a “normal” employment rate.

This all reminds me of Bagdad Bob. You guys remember him?

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