It seems like criminals are having a march and protesting the fact that the Sheriff is enforcing the law. Perhaps a march where bank robbers. In fact, according to this page, one of the criminals was illegally carrying a concealed weapon, an LAPD badge and a pair of handcuffs. He made threats against the Sheriff.

One of the attendees of the march, a Salvador Reza of Puente, said this:

“We are excited to see such a strong and peaceful showing of opposition to the wrong-headed policies of Sheriff Joe Arpaio,” Salvador Reza of Puente said in a news release after the march. “… 5,000 marched today to make sure that the abuses that we’ve suffered under for far too long move from the local to being dealt with on the national level as well.”

A google search of that name produces this page, where this is said about Mr Reza:

After graduating from the University of California, San Diego, he worked for California immigrant advocacy groups and was drawn to Phoenix because he is among those who consider the city the center of Aztlan, the original land of the Aztecs before they moved south to what later became Mexico.

If you remember, we first talked about the Aztlan movement here. Isn’t it funny that the press interviews a figure who advocates the overthrow (what the Illegals call “reconquista”) of the United States, and they fail to mention that fact?

March to stop hate? No, it is not a march, it is an invasion.

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