Rigging the vote

Most Secure Ever

Nothing says that our elections are secure and no cheating took place like the President who is being accused of winning by fraud declaring that the voting machine report be kept a secret.

Biden officials at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency urged a judge not to release a report on Dominion Voting Systems equipment in Georgia, arguing the move would “threaten election security.” 

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One day, one little thing, the feather that tripped “the switch”. You know the one. The one currently set on “vote”.

I was going to say not issuing a report on the security of the voting system because it would “threaten election security” is sending a mixed message, but there’s nothing mixed about.

It says that election security was nonexistent. There’s no other way to interpret that.

Meh. Voting is so 2016, and I’m over it. Just like the “news” won’t announce a proper description of a crime suspect if they inconveniently happen to be the wrong color, we can easily infer the truth of about voting security and integrity from that which they refuse to discuss. Conduct yourselves accordingly. Anyway, you won’t find me wasting my time inside a booth after waiting in a long line of morons.

It better be or Das Heimat Schutze says you have some ‘splainin to do comrade.

When I ran EMS calls as a medic if somebody said I screwed up, I would pull the paperwork and say “Ya wanna bet?”
That’s what people do when they have nothing to hide and are proud of their work.

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