Not How It Works

Democrats are threatening violence if you don’t get jabbed, but that isn’t the reason for this post.

Carville and Hunt took a listener question wondering why President Biden would not pass a bill that bars unvaccinated citizens from interstate travel.

Because the President doesn’t pass bills. He only signs bills that have already been passed by Congress.

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Perhaps. But the ink wouldn’t even be dry before you had 20+ states saying ‘See you in court, creep’ and tossing in ‘Oh, and we’re not going to enforce this crap, and if you try to we’ll arrest your fedbois’.

It would be a de facto declaration of secession and even Sleepy Joe’s handlers aren’t THAT dumb.

Our motto was “Anytime, any place”. I still stand by that for family and close friends. If that aint clear enough how about, “I’ll be your huckleberry”? Just call the coin toss and that offer is open to all you criminals in this cabal no matter who or what you are. As once said, the time for honoring yourselves is coming to and end. As many of us just wait for that time, actuary, meet knife. john has a long mustache.

I think the FBI raiding homes of the unvaccinated would be enough to kick off CW2.

You may very well be right but I think the current Justice Dept. has been weaponized against those who don’t fall in line. Ask Roger Stone. Ask those who have been arrested for stepping on Capitol Bldg. grass. And not much different, ask the 87 year old Canadian who was arrested for blowing his horn and giving a thumps up to a trucker.

It s not easy to say. Anyone that says that obviously knows very little, has done very little. Maybe you have, maybe you havent. Trust me that scenario is not on the top of my list of stuff to be worried about. But, you seem like a troll, maybe a fed CI or just a dumbass that wants to provoke people. So why dont you lead the stack if you are so convinced of its awesome power. Ill wait for your response or your participation, Will.

Troll? No! Tired of blowhards that write checks with their mouths that their ass can’t cash? Yes!

Will knows all about blowing hard, aye Wilbur? I wrote that check for 31 years. Try again Tough guy. What check did you write besides for taxes?

No legislature anywhere in the US has passed CVD restrictions… Biden has pushed his EOs as far as he can, but that doesn’t mean he won’t stop trying to attack his enemies; just look at the ATF.
The more rude and violent the liberals are, the more they turn people against them.

I wish a bunch of snowflakes would show up at my home threatening violence… that’s called a target rich environment

in 4G war having no conception of reap what you sow is our sides force multiplier. never mind the timeless axiom regarding how you never interrupt the enemy when they are making a mistake; two levels of cognitive dissonance most appreciated.

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