My hands began shaking when I read this report. When the SWAT team went to enter, they needed a distraction so that the shooter wouldn’t fire upon them as they entered. They used a child as a distraction, sacrificing her life so they wouldn’t be shot at.

“When the cops came, the cop said: ‘Yell if you need help!’ And one of the persons in my class said ‘help.’ The guy overheard and he came in and shot her,” the boy said. “The cop barged into that classroom. The guy shot at the cop. And the cops started shooting.”

Tell me again how police are the ‘thin blue line.’ Every single cop in this country needs to apologize for the way that the cops in this school acted. I have no, and I mean zero, respect for any cop anywhere right now.

I am too upset to say anything else right now.

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Jimbo · May 29, 2022 at 9:22 pm

We are right now, in actual reality, ‘without rule of law’. The moral breakdown, and the legal breakdown, are both now complete. Prepare in accordance with this demonstrated reality.

Big Ruckus D · May 29, 2022 at 10:07 pm

As revolting as this all is, I still doubt this event is the catalyst for large scale loss of order. Could be, but I don’t think it is. That is subject to change, as the coming week will bring more new disclosures. That said, every new detail we get should piss off more and more people to an ever greater extent than each of the previous fullsome revelations. This primes [at least some of] the masses with a burning anger and resentment towards govt beyond what already was simmering below the thin veneer of civility.

I still expect serious food shortages leading to real hunger, and power grid failures this summer to be the real trigger. And right now, based on what can be discerned by those of us not on the inside of the power structure, we are mere weeks or so away from both being realized as no-shit wide spread crises.

The passive and the unprincipled at large who were unconcerned with Uvalde as mere observers, will not truly get pissed and start large scale trouble until they are personally affected. Starving and sweating their asses off in the dark (and being looted of anything they can’t protect), in the scorching heat no less, is about as personal as it gets.

Gonna be a real tough weekend to relax and enjoy with this feeling in my gut. We may not make it to July 4 without the big show kicking off in at least some locales. My God, I hope I’m wrong.

Billy Bob in Texas · May 29, 2022 at 11:50 pm

At this point, the thin blue line is only the paycheck and pension for cowards. Not sorry, but until I see other deeds, “cops” are just paid thugs for the state, to protect and serve the paycheck and the corruptocrats that sign it.

Cops are not your friend. Say NOTHING TO THEM. Shun them. They are pathetic cowards and thugs in groups.

joe · May 30, 2022 at 4:40 am

not sticking up for the police DM, but we should wait for more and better info…95% of entry story is helping to push the anti gun shit…I have a hard time believing much of anything coming out right now and with the doj now opening an investigation we will never know the truth

    Divemedic · May 30, 2022 at 6:15 am

    I actually think that the story of the cops is hurting the gun control issue

    Skyler the Weird · May 30, 2022 at 8:05 am

    It hurts the Big Gun Confiscation Lobby narrative that no one needs a gun when they have the Police. The old adage was that ‘When seconds count, the Police are hours away”. The new evidence is that the Police are there waiting for the shooter to run out of victims and ammo.

    Protect and Serve? Protect my pension and benefits and Serve the entity that funds same.

TechieDude · May 30, 2022 at 12:12 pm

Far be it for me to add logic to an otherwise emotional situation, but I didn’t get the inference anywhere in that story or the video that they had a kid call out for a distraction. Maybe I missed something, just like on the previous posts where I missed how the reason cops were hassling parents because it was easier than going after a shooter. It was a law enforcement goat rodeo. 150 cops going full retard. I believe that before I project intent.

After reading posts here and elsewhere, I will say it’s way – way – past time to disband swat or de-militarize the local 5-0. It’s all fun and games to dress cool and play tactical games but in the end you need to perform. So not only did the citizens here not get their money’s worth, it was far more expensive than dollar cost. The only thing they appear to be able to do consistently is screw up. There’s a reason SWAT is also a verb.

I do think these crisis are being engineered for some sort of intent. Don’t know what it is, but I’m certain it’ll backfire. I think TPTB will do anything, kill any amount of kids to spark a crisis before the election. MunkeyPox seems to have blown up in their faces. That’s the only thing that makes sense.

    Divemedic · May 30, 2022 at 1:23 pm

    Some of what you say is probably correct. Some of what you say is not supported by evidence. Upcoming post on that.

Steve S · May 30, 2022 at 1:31 pm

Sure doesn’t support the story of dad driving 40 miles with the barber’s shottie to take out the killer.

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