Crude oil inventories as well as inventory in the SPR continues to fall, gasoline inventories rise, but prices rose slightly for the week to $3.14 per gallon. Look beyond the spin and see what it means. The SPR is at the lowest inventory level since 1983 at only 375 million barrels. Gasoline stocks are sitting at 220 million barrels, a 24 day supply at current consumption rates.

So what’s going on? The economy is still being sluggish. A year ago, Americans were using 9.2 million barrels a day of gasoline. Now we are using 8.6 million barrels.

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Michael · December 30, 2022 at 9:13 am

And my local Walmart’s (yes plural) *still* have pallets of “Black Friday” SALE items clogging the main aisles of the stores. I was speaking to one of the store managers and they have several conexes out back still stuffed with it.

There are three types of lies, the “White Lie” I’m sick so can’t go to your gender reveal party, the Damn Lie “Best Economy ever” and Statistics.

Statistics can be warped beyond reason to support ANY thing the Gov and Media want it to be. The “Increase in Holiday SALES” so trumpeted is because EVERYTHING Basic COSTS MORE. They INCLUDED buying Heating Fuel/Holiday food sales in the “Holiday Sales” stats.

The gimcracks and excess travel and gifting has dropped like a rock as folks are getting more concerned about “Little Things” LIKE Keeping the Heat ON and Food on the table.

Winter isn’t coming folks it’s HERE.

Got two years of stored foods and trusted friends? You’re going to need them.

Jonathan · December 31, 2022 at 11:18 am

We are in a recession and have been for a while; the Democrats have been desperate trying to pretend otherwise.
I assume that they will admit to a recession once they have someone to blame it on, most likely a Republican House.

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