A member of the 21st Waitress Division (Airborne) threatened to have a disabled man pulled from a plane at gunpoint. His crime? Asking the stewardess to follow the law and make sure his wheelchair was on the Jetway, so he could use it to leave the plane.

What’s next for her? Punch a baby for crying and interrupting her during her seatbelt speech? Kick the crutches out from under a disabled child for taking too long to find a seat?

This is what happens when you give people a little power. They become little petty tyrants. When I was in the military, we used to joke around and say “What is the military gonna do? Take away my birthday? Confiscate my name?” I think that is exactly what we should do. Tell them that they are no longer “flight attendants.” You are now “Stewards” and “Stewardesses.” Keep screwing up, and we will start calling you “waitress” and you can work for tips.

Or we can just tell them that the days of threatening to have people arrested for “not complying with the instructions of a flight crew” are over, because they are now subject to being sued personally for violating the law and people’s civil rights under color of authority.

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Aesop · November 30, 2022 at 11:29 pm

What’s going to happen, is someone’s going to leave them alone. And wait for them to get off the plane, and follow them to the parking area.

Then perform an act of civic justice. By telling them they’re about to be placed on the No Walking Without Crutches List, or the No Eating Anything But Soft Food List. Possibly the No Oxygen Use List. IDGAF.

Five or ten incidents, tops, and the lesson will sink in, that they’re not LEOs, just ordinary citizens with a travel discount, and they’re not untouchable or protected from the consequences of their actions.

They’re fucking flying waitresses, 99.9999999% of their entire careers. They don’t deserve to deal with drunken assholes, but the simple cure for that is to stop serving alcohol at 30,000′.

Problem solved.

Now they’ve got no effing excuse to be anything but polite and courteous, rather than acting like camp guards at the Auschwitz train station.

Another good first step would probably be for the airlines to stop sending them to the Post Office and the DMV for customer service training.

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