Now the US has given 8,500 American troops orders to stand by to be sent to Europe. Holy shit, this guy really is looking for a fight. He went from “considering” it to alerting troops for movement in less than 6 hours. We are literally doing more to defend the borders of the Ukraine than we are our own borders.

The Democrats have wanted a war with the Russians ever since they snubbed Obama in 2014. So then we accused them of rigging the HRC defeat in 2016. It seems like they have been trying to pick a fight with them for years. Don’t forget when the Democrats did the “selfie” campaign to save the Ukraine from Russia in 2014.

Yes, Psaki was the Dept of State Spokesperson in 2014, the last time Russia did this

Here is my theory: There have been rumors that Biden’s strings are actually being pulled by Obama. This situation with Russia and the Ukraine is Obama being pissed because the Russkies bent him over the Ukraine in 2014.

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Billy Bob in Texas · January 24, 2022 at 5:04 pm

I thought 0bama loved being bent over…..

Alan · January 24, 2022 at 6:55 pm

Me, I’m thinking the State Dept. side is driving the increase, since I can’t conceive of any dotmil folk thinking this is a good idea.
Arm the State Dept. diplomacy wonks, then tell them they’re in the first wave of boots on the ground in the conflict.
Long ago when I wore the Sheriff’s hat, learned very quickly that you only draw your baton, weapon, etc., if you were going to use it. Waving things around attempting to intimidate never works.
These ****ing idiots are going to kick the dominoes over.

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