With news that at least one member of Antifa in Portland killed a member of Patriot Prayer by stalking and then making a deliberate and considered ambush, along with a reader submitted report of a similar report from Baltimore, I am making recommendations and connecting them to my Danger Zone list. 


Anyone who does not want to face the danger of an active, albeit low intensity, battlefield should avoid Zone 4 and Zone 5 areas no matter what, unless you want to be in this situation

Zone 3: Exercise extreme caution. Anyone in a Zone 3 area should be armed at all times. Keep your head on a swivel. Deadly levels of violence can occur at any time and be ready to respond. 

Zones 1&2: Exercise caution. Violence has already occurred in these zones, avoid them if possible. 

You can expect the level of violence to increase as the election approaches. If Trump wins, expect it to get worse. 

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