If you work in public safety, or even if you watch cop shows on television, you will hear people caught with drugs say that the drugs do not belong to them, even if the drugs are in the person’s own pocket. It seems ridiculous, right?

A man is arrested for shoplifting at a central Florida WalMart. He is found to be in possession of a stolen Glock handgun, methamphetamine, marijuana, and Klonopin. A search of criminal records reveals that, in the past three years, he has been arrested at least 5 times for drug related offenses. Each time, the charges were dropped for lack of evidence, apparently because when he was caught with drugs in the vehicle, he stated that although the drugs were within his reach, they were not his drugs.

It doesn’t seem so ridiculous when you see how often that tactic works. I wonder if it will work for this arrest, or if the police have finally found charges that the state attorney will be willing to prosecute.

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