So my rifle project continues. A couple of you pointed out that I need to get my handguard at the same time as the barrel, and of course you are correct. After a thorough search, I came up with a few choices. Odin, Faxon, and JP enterprises were all contenders. After looking at what was actually in stock and in keeping with my desire to cut down on weight, I finally bought an Edge Carbon Fiber Handguard from Brigand Arms. Weighing in at only 6.3 ounces, I may have luck in keeping the rifle balanced and low weight. 

I got the rifle length barrel and wanted a full length handguard because I like gripping the rifle near the muzzle. It was tough forking out $400 for a handguard, but I finally just did it. 

Also, it was pointed out that you need to check the headspace on a new barrel/bolt combo. I already own go-no go checkers for that. Now to wait for all of my orders to get here. Hopefully, I can have this thing assembled, tuned, and running before Christmas. 

and yes, Miguel, I was hooked as soon as I picked up Dave’s rifle. 

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