Rittenhouse memes

Since the trial starts today, I thought I would share some pretty funny memes. I need to use them up before they are no longer relevant, so here:

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THE LORD JESUS SAYS THEY’LL BE COMING FOR YOUR WEAPONS,are you ready,IF not they’ll take you and your family to a FEMA CAMP,and you’ll be wishing you had been ready….

This is an overall decent kid who tried to do what he thought was the right thing. Or at least that’s the impression of him I have now.

He’s also killed two men, and – whatever the merits of his actions in the moment, no matter the type of people they were – he will have to carry that for the rest of his life.

Please, take this down. I don’t think he’ll need the reminder.

I have been witness to, and have been responsible for, the deaths of dozens, perhaps hundreds of people. You get used to it.

Q. “What does it feel like to kill a man?”
A. “I don’t know, I only killed Antifa scum”

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